Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

F***** Displays, Fairphone has a real issue here.
My Display was exchanged beginning of April, not even 2 month ago, and now the new Display has exactly the same problem, just that the part which is not working is on the left instead of the right part of the Display.
Opened another ticket with the support … and hope it will not take two month again to get it changed.

I am really happy that my wifes Fairphone does not have this problems.

Does it worked ?

Thank you for your answer

I did not have this issue. It was merely only a suggestion. But I’d say it cannot do any harm cleaning the contacts with pure alcohol.

I’m suffering the same problems for some months now, but the not working parts are not constant. Sometimes the whole screen works, sometimes a stripe on the left side is dead, sometimes there are 2 stripes on the left side not working, and then even a third stripe on the right side isn’t working.

I’ve figured out that applying pressure on the screen on the bottom left corner changes the not working areas. Fiddling around is sometimes successful, sometimes I only make it worse.

So I conclude that the first problems are also a result of pressure on the corner, probably while carrying the phone in the pocket.
I hope the the ‘new improved version’ isn’t vulnerable to that problem anymore.

I experienced the same problem, my left hand side of the screen would not work. Using the phone was not impossible, but very frustrating. I got in touch with support, and they told me I was eligible for a screen replacement, but that I would have to wait “potentially several weeks” because they are “currently optimizing our production process”. I took me a certain time and effort in insisting, during which the screen started presenting new issues rendering its use almost impossible, but they finally agreed to replace the whole phone. This said, I do not know if they will send me a new or used phone, but I hope the former. The pickup from the DHL courier went very smoothly, the phone is back in Holland and I’m awaiting further instructions on how to proceed. I will keep you updated!

The same happened here. Did this spontaneous resurrection lasted forever? In my case, after two months with an issue exactly in same left part as you, everything worked fine all of a sudden this morning. Am I saved forever?

I hope so for you! I dont know. Mine never magically fixed itself. :slight_smile: I
returned my screen and fairphone sent me a new one.

The same happened here. Did this spontaneous resurrection lasted forever? In my case, after two months with an issue exactly in same left part as you, everything worked fine all of a sudden this morning. Am I saved forever?

The magic solution just lasted twelve hours. Terrible disappointment. The issue is they ran out of screens two months ago, and I am still waiting.

I assume there are quite a few of us out there waiting for replacement display modules right now. I do find it really annoying that I cannot write certain letters on my FP2 and have been looking into solutions to make my waiting for a new display module bearable.

As a temporary fix I did change the settings for my Google keyboard Gboard to one-handed mode. The one-handed mode allows you to move the keyboard over the screen until it’s not affected by the defective parts of the touch screen.

Not a final solution, but at least a temporary relief.

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Thanks! Good advice!

Did anyone get their replacment display yet?

I have the same problem with some letters in the keyboard not working. I solve it temporarily with tilting the screen so the keyboard is wider and then the letters work.

Another case here!

I have been using my FP2 for almost one year and a half and yesterday the left part of the screen stopped working. It happened suddenly, with no reason.

I have followed Gamlao advice and have started using Google keyboard Gboard to one-handed mode. It helps.

I have the same problem since a few days, i contacted support and they said that they are out of stock for replacement screens, but new screens will be available “within a week or two” [sic]. Which does not sound too reassuring to me, but i’m keeping my hopes up to get this resolved quickly once the parts arrive.

And since this thread is about moaning about the phone: this isnt the first replacement part i ordered neither, and i also have other problems that i have workarounds for (e.g. only using 3g as using 4g will reboot the phone every once in a while. Or having paper stuck in the back so that the battery does not move too much) it really is a pity.

I got a mail today that they are back in stock, but the shop still (or again?) shows them as “coming soon”. Usually warranty repairs are handled with priority so maybe you should write them again (Or they may get back at you any time now anyway).

Unfortunately my screen also has some flaws. First it was only a small part on the left side which was still usable. Now the left side got bigger and on the right side there’s also a big part gone. Sometimes my screen also gets ghost touches where it is jumping all over the screen pressing buttons without me touching the screen. I then need to restart the phone. Here’s an image from the maintenance thing.

Hoping it will be replaced soon. Does anybody know if the new screens have this issue resolved?

I’m starting to wonder if it is because I keep the phone in my pocket making it prone to pressure when I sit or something like that?

Some people affected by this issue came up with a theory that it might be moisture related. At least, quite a few of them said they were regularly going by bike, carrying the phone in their pocket.
Same for me, I often go by bike, putting the phone in my trouser’s pocket. I’ve had to replace my screen twice already. After replacing the screen for the second time, I started putting my phone is a pouch and I’ve not had any issues with the screen since. Doesn’t prove anything, of course :grin:

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Interesting. I also fairly often bike/walk and there’s for sure some moisture around here in Norway.

It strange that the part of the screen which works changes. I now cannot press the send button anymore, which I couldn’t on Saturday either. But yesterday I was able to press the send button. I think I can declare the phone unusable now… What’s a phone if you cannot send texts or call phone numbers with a “0” in it?

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Hi. I have the same issue on the whole left part (approx 1cm ). I am want to replace the screen but it seems still out of stock. Is this something covered by the warranty by the way ???