Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

Have a look at this:

I personally use Titanium Backup app, which works very well (but needs root).

Alternatively have also a look at this:

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Same here. Delivered FP2 on end of April 2016. The very left part of the touch screen was dead yesterday. Today an additional area on the left got dysfunctional. :frowning:

I created a ticket and asked for an replacement. Let’s see if this is working, if not I’ve to call the support.

I’m very disappointed, so many hardware issues with the FP2. Especially with the screen.

Great, thank you, @freibadschwimmer!
I called support today, the guy was really quick and helpful. The good news is: I don’t need to back up my phone, because I only need to send in my display and they’ll send me a new one (hopefully).

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Good to hear!

I would, however, nonetheless recommend to make regular backups, as this also might be helpful in case the phone gets lost, stolen, or broken. :wink:

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I want to ask people’s advice. I now have two vertical strips not working. I did early on drop my phone underwater for less than 1 second. When I opened it up I could see no water inside as the cover is so tight. I saw no problems with it, aside from the many freezes a day I was already getting. Then a couple of months after my screen stopped working fully.

The problem is FP have said they might consider it out of warranty because of the water. My question is how likely is it that the water caused the problem? I’m inclined to feel hard done by because of how many people have posted in this thread - surely there is a pattern of many faulty screens? But I don’t want to be unfair. Obviously I’m in a weak position anyway, it’s more my attitude that I want to address.

I personally don’t believe that your touchscreen problems - more than a month later - are caused by the toilet dip, which you so proudly stated caused no problems.

I’m no expert I can only speak from experience.

When my FP2 fell into the toilet for about 2 seconds, there was water inside, I opened it up and let it dry for hours and when I tried it again the whole screen didn’t respond to touch input anymore.

I’m now going to order a new screen as it was obviously my fault. If your touchscreen problems were related to the toilet dip then I guess they’d have to have started right away.

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I don’t know about this particular case, but water intrusion may cause corrosion (especially if it is acidic, eg. salt water), which of course can affect the functionality of electronics. Corrosion would not show up immediately, but would take some time.
But I guess if the display malfunction looks the same as what other users reported, and the water was plain fresh water and the phone got dried right afterwards (or as you said, you didn’t even see any water inside), I could imagine that it is not related to the water dip.

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Since the latest update I cannot type the number 1 and letter q on my keyboard.

Does anyone face the same problem and is there a way to solve this?



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yes, me too, but if I turn the phone around I can use those keys, so it is that side of the screen… looks like the same issue as the one discussed in this thread but I too have only experienced it since the last update

In my case of repair from FP the screen stopped working only few hours after the update process with 1.2.8 (10.4.16) . 3 months after delivery and working with known screen problems that have been remedied with 1.2.8.
Never mind the update process. But this implies that my screen stopped working by chance and not by accident. FP support exchanged my display by warranty and I have no problems for 2 months since then. So what ? What happened with my former display ? No answer from FP support except a cross on the sheet of repair protocol that shows it was a factory defect. Factory defect after 3 months (?) To me even my new display cannot be called stable until it now runs more than 6 months without breaking down .

Stable state looks differently, sorry FP.


I have the same issue with the not working left edge of the screen. It´s now two weeks ago it startet. Some days ago it worked for one day again, and returned to not working.

My question: Do anyone has an idea, if there is a possibility to clean some contacts or something like that to repair it?
Or if they would send me the new screen first before I´d send mine? Because I need my Phone, I can´t send it some weeks away without another.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, the FP2 was designed to be opened and it’s really easy to take off the screen and clean the contacts. In this thread there is a link to a video that shows how to take off the screen as well as a discussion with lots of tips on what to do if your individual FP2 is not as easy to disassemble (the first time) as most others.

Ok, thank you!

And had already anyone succes with cleaning by the problem with the screen?

Does not seem so. I tried:

  • Cleaning contacts
  • Changing touch screen sensitivity in Accessibility options
  • Factory Reset / Open Fairphone OS install (same issue in TWRP even -> definitely hardware)

But nothing helped

Issue developed:

  1. “Crazy touch” random inputs (it could be that it happened the same time when the first 1cm “unresponsive” vertical stripe at the left part of the display occured), Experiences this for a couple of days
  2. for some time (~2 weeks) the “crazy touches” disappeared but the 1st unresponsive stripe remained/started
  3. “Crazy touches” came back + 2nd unresponsive stripe (again 1cm this time about 2cm from the right side)

Now phone became highly unusable.

Opened a support ticket 5 days ago unfortunately no response yet.

Perhaps I opened the phone to often to show friends how cool it was : (
It was my favorite thing to show my tech friends.
But now, sadly… parts of the screen do not work, and the phone starts to go wild with ghost touches, even after the screen sensitivity is adjusted…
I’ve cleaned the contacts, and tried all the advise above, but it comes back, and nothing helps anymore. It doesn’t make sense and my friends that know I have the fairphone laugh when I say I cant even pick up their calls.
The phone even started to vibrate out of itself several times now, without reason, while I am doing something on it… quite scary…

Problem is that I need to buy a new phone now since it will take a while for Fairphone to solve this.
I already had problems with Fairphone changing headphone jack policy, and not telling anyone, the cover broke (was replaced super fast though), and now the entire phone is unusable within half a year…
I really do not mind having things work less good, like sim-cards losing connection to the network, android notifications made to look like IPhone, no option for a clean Android, the price, the waiting time, the community guessing at problems, having to wait 5 seconds after choosing the sim before dialing (or the phone just dropping out) . But this just seems a waste of hardware. A new screen, a new cover, had to buy a new headphone…
The FP1 was a more reliable friend, and i really hoped I could enjoy the FP2, but will not recommend it to anyone. I would rather donate money to the initiative then walk around with a phone as unreliable as this, I’ve had several stressy moments where the phone did not work…
So sad, I will file another case and see what happens.
Good luck to everyone with the same problems!


You gave me a like some days ago . So I feel I should answer although I don’t belong to the clever moderators who always have the right helping answer for most of all situations. I just want to tell you that after my FP2 broke down in april right after updating I told myself to stop updating or changing the OS e.g. to FP-OSOS before I have a clear overview what is happening with other phones. Some people here rely on simple statistics whereby all the repeatedly tragically broken devices over half a year would be “only” 1% and therefor are common for industrial standard. I am afraid that those really severe issues of instable devices are only summarized as “#commonissues” . As long as the FP support cannot make sure that those “commonissues” are recognized immediately and treated with highest priority I also cannot trust to any update any more with my own FP2 device.

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My same problem exactly! I’ve submitted my support request 7 days ago now, still waiting for a reply.

I’m starting to think there’s a serious problem with this screen… were you among the first FP2 owners, too? I received mine in January.

By the way, it’s good to know that doing the factory reset does not help, so won’t do that. :wink:

Yes “one of the first” is on my phones back, also received the phone in Jan.

I just had even a couple of hours where the display worked flawlessly, now it is only the unresponsive stripe on the right side and sometimes “crazy touches”. Of course always when you urgently want to call somebody… still no response from support since Monday last week. Probably guys having a hard time there.

@ Dull: Vibration comes from “crazy touches” I would assume.

You could try asking for a quicker reply here: Support request not answered yet

When they answer your support ticket you’ll get a link to create a repair request. They’ve approved my request very fast, and DHL will come to collect the phone this afternoon. :slight_smile:

I would not be too modest if I were you: the whole process can take up to 3 weeks, so the sooner they’ll come to collect your phone, the better! :wink:

I opened a request for the screen issue and it was processed after 2 days - quite nice. My previous support request for another issue took 20 days until first response - that was not so cool but they fixed the issue in time after first response.
About the screen issue - I have a phone of the first batch - they fixed it and now it is working. They had it a week in the repair center and according to the repair checklist they changed the display (Who’d have thunk?).