FP2 survives toilet dip with no damage

Very impressed with how waterproof the FP2 cover is. Makes it worth the time it takes to get it on :slight_smile:


Why would you dip your Fairphone 2 in your toilet o_O


Use of your pregnancy test app with the Fairphone 2. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, I am getting one for my sister then. Her toilet has been a watery grave for many a smartphone. Still not willing to further your research using my own one though.


My FP1 didn’t survive the toilet dip. Seems like the new version has improved a lot! :slight_smile:


My FP1 survived a trip in the washing machine! I took out the battery, spent a lot of time carefully drying with kitchen roll, disassembled the mid-frame and stood it next to an Aga for 4 days. Thankfully it works fine.


Possibly and interesting but it seems to me that we need to establish a standard benchmark with fixed conditions.
The average person hesitates 1,7 seconds before fishing his/her precious toy out of pisswater, when sh*t is involved action is delayed further by 0,5 seconds.


Lol. For the record, the TUW (time under water) was circa 0.4s, because I was able to pull it out very quickly through the attached headphones. And thankfully it was a clean bowl.



My phone survived a ~3,5 m fall into a river/stream, it ended up at a depth of around 1,5 m.
TUW: 2~3 minutes, not entirely sure since I dove(without swimming glasses/mask) for some time trying to find it and kinda lost track of time, the spot where it fell flows too fast to swim(it also obscures the vision from above the water) in so I had to drag myself upstream using rocks at the bottom of the stream.

Finally found it and brought it out and removed the battery. Dissassembled the whole phone, including the modules themselves (FYI a small precision flat-blade screwdriver works with the tiny screws that are used in each module). I put all parts on a paper towel and let the parts dry in the sun and waited ~30 hours and re-assembled it. probably could have waited a bit less, but the processor is kind of covered with some plastic cover that lets in water through the sides.

Everything works like a charm!:grin:


Incredible! Now that is a tale that shall be passed down through the generations.

My phone survived a quick dip in the sink while I was washing up. I turned it off and started drying the modules although until then the programme I was watching just continued playing as if nothing had happened!