Parts needed: ear phone connector and microphone

Hi there,
I have troubles with the connection for the headphones. Also the microphones seem to be defective. Which parts do I need then and can I still by them in the shop?
By the way, are core modules for FP2 still available in the shop? I was not able to find them.
KR Michael

So troubles with the jack plug? Top module.

Main microphone: bottom module
Secondary microphone: top module

So I guess you will need the top and bottom module.
Both can be bought from the shop (the top module only with the 2MP camera though, not the newer one):

But be sure the parts you have really are defective and it’s not a contact or software problem!

No. They never were. At some point, sold some, but they don’t anymore.

For reference, you can find a list of the components in each module here:


Hi Alex21, may you help me with some information for troubleshooting the microphone (contact and software). Is there any topic around?

In this list, it looks like that Fairphone still have core modules available. Have you any idea if this is (still) the case? But anyway, thanks for the interesting list. :slight_smile:

To troubleshoot the components you should use the checkup app. You’ll find details here:

AFAIK they still have them available, but as mentioned they don’t sell it but only use it for repair tasks in the repair centers.


Thanks, Volker. I did the provided checkup (which is a really good starting point for self troubleshooting. However, in addition, Alex.A is talking about ensuring the contact of the components is fine. Are there any details how to check e.g. the contacts of the lower (main) microphone?

You can follow the guide here:

Then you’ll find some little copper connectors, on the core module and on the bottom module. Check they are not dirty/damaged. You can clean them (isopropyl alcohol recommended for this).
I can provide you some more precise photos if you need.


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