Palm rejection not working

I get lots of unintended touches on the Fairphone 4 just by holding it in my hand. My palm doesn’t even touch it. It’s just close enough so the capacitive touch screen thinks I’m touching it in the bottom-right corner.

Are there any plans to fix this by introducing some form of palm rejection, as on most other phones?


It’s indeed annoying, it happens to me too. But my Pixel 3 doesn’t have palm rejection either. But it was never a problem on my P3 since it has a far more practical size than the FP4, which is way too big. And I have big hands.


Same problem here. But mostly when I am laying on my back. In other situations I use my pinky finger to fix the position of the phone, instead of grabbing it. But this doesn’t work for me while lying on my back…:sweat_smile:


I had this issue until I printed a case with a slightly raised lip around the screen like the official soft case. It mostly keeps my palm off the screen.:slight_smile:


Very happy with my FP4 after 1week of use. One of a very few downsides* is edge screen sensitivity…
When using phone lying on my back for example the screen either doesn’t react to some touches, or it overreacts by doing stuff I didn’t mean to do like closing the keyboard or going to previous screen.
In that position I have to hold it very uncomfortably with the tips of the fingers on the phone’s edge and I can’t hold for long because of its weight.

It also happens when using the phone with one hand, the hand palm being at fault here.
Never happens when holding the phone normally, resting on the hands.

Questions are : Is it the same for you ? Anyone know a workaround ?


I had similar palm problems, for me I dealt with it by putting on a slim case that had a raised edge to keep my palm off the screen.


Yes, edge sensitivity is probably one of the biggest flaws with the FP4 (next to the camera software) right now. It’s better with a case, but it would be nice to see an improvement of this in coming updates.


I also see issues with an over-sensitive edge on the touch screen, will probably get a case but mostly wanted to check it wasn’t just me!

On a related point, I think I read somewhere on this forum that FP doesn’t necessarily read it and so any feature requests/complaints are unlikely to be noticed in any official capacity. As such what would be the best place for me to ‘vote’ or otherwise register my interest in a common issue? Or does such a mechanism not currently exist?


Contact support, the more people that contact them, the more attention they pay. :slight_smile:


Hi Shubbardo and welcome to the forum

Hmmm! To a degree, there’s such a thing as overloading the system, but hey! they can upgrade the system Hmmm!


same issue with my phone as well. I thought I am too clumsy to handle the phone correctly.

Perhaps add this to your list of bugs / wishlist? Thanks!


Have the same problem. It’s funny, because I’ve never had this problem with other phones.

Leads me to suspect that this is something an OEM can configure in their Android flavour. Somewhere deep down in the build where the user can’t reach, so works well with the shipped touchscreen. Think Fairphone didn’t get around to it because the team is so relatively small?

But for sure #1 painpoint to me (with horrible camera software on #2 … what is this overdone sharpening and bipolar white balancing?)

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When using the gesture navigation, there is a minor workaround. Slide it to the least sensitivity (see screenshot below). Then at least you don’t have these over sensitive back gestures anymore. Which were my main annoyance. There are still unintended touches because of the impracticable size of this phone. But it’s more or less doable now (for me).

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this doesn’t work for me. I turned gesture settings off completely. it’s a pain. but all the input errors are more painful.

This annoys as well. I contacted support to no avail.

The reponse time of support is more then a week at the moment.
Did you get a ticketnumber so that you are sure your ticket is received?

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They did answer but only a canned response. This is definitely a bug and not simply a missing feature as the word feedback suggests.

Thank you for your feedback on the Fairphone 4. We will take your feedback into consideration for our future developments.

The answer bot :wink:

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