Ghost inputs on FP4

I’m experiencing some ghost inputs to my Fairphone’s touchscreen that make the phone basically unusable untill i manage to restart it again. It have happend three or four times since i got the phone.

Basically the screen will suddenly start recives a lot of inputs rapidly, and then begin acting as though I’m touching all over in quick succession, swiping tapping all over. The screen is clean and my hand is not touching the screen.

Is there anything I can try to do to resolve this?


Does it only happen under special circumstances, e.g. while charging the device?


Regular daily use. Today it started when browsing youtube, no charger connected. Started changing videos, and rappidly skipping forward in a video. Then opening ang closing apps on the phone swiping tapping untill i restarted it. I was using my bluetooth headset connected to the phone if thats any help.

Was the phone in your hands when it happened?

Otherwise I think it sounds more like a faulty Bluetooth device.


Yes at first it was in my hand. yeah the palm rejecrtion thing is annoying when the phone is so big but it feels like another issue since i cant get this behavior to stop untill i restart it. I dont thing my bluetooth earbuds have “premissions” to do what is happening to the phone. I use them all day long and this issue whit ghost inputs have been happening a few times but a few weeks inbetween.

This happened on one of my old phones (Asus Zenfone 2). The temporary solution was to turn the screen off and on again, but it would usually occur again after a while. The core issue was a faulty digitizer. It might also be caused by a bad connection. You can try disassembling the phone and reconnecting the display. If it doesn’t help, please make sure to #contactsupport.


I did experience ghost inputs because the phone’s touchscreen is too sensitive. It seems that sometimes a touch is registered without actually touching the screen yet. But what you describe here seems a totally different issue I haven’t experienced.

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I’m experiencing something very similar with my Fairphone 4 5G. Mostly it happens when I wake it. It asks for my PIN. When I try to enter my PIN, many of the chars seem to be entered in the double. When I manage to log in (by verifying the number of “PIN dots” after every character), the screen stays overly sensitive. Can’t even open the app drawer without directly opening an app. I’ve been using touch screen devices for ages now, so I’m aware about the fact, that wet hands or a wet display could be a issue (no wet hands or displays involved here).
Sometimes it seems to “calm down” somehow, normally I need to reboot it (this usually helps). I’d really appreciate if there was some mitigation for this, because it happens about at least once, maybe twice a week. I didn’t find settings to reduce touch sensitivity.