🖌 Fairphone Art Gallery

Here is a thread where you can post art that you’ve done that relates to your Fairphone. Maybe you painted something and you’ve taken a photo of it using the Fairphone, or you’ve made a doodle in an art app, or you’ve used snapchat filters to turn yourself into a dog. Anything creative goes here!

Here is a series of ink drawings I did for #Inktober! I love how I can feel guilt free taking photos now. :slight_smile: And the photo quality is superior to my old camera.


Had to do an assignment for my Media Techniques class and this is the result.

The image is inspired by the new Fairphone Fact Sheet. I went through my home town and took photos (using a digital camera, sorry, FP1-with-dusty-camera-lens-cover :man_shrugging:) of street signs and posters. Then I used Scribus to create a page with image frames containing only one letter per frame.


Wicked!!! That’s so great! The poster has such a European freshness to it.

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