Community Folders

I had to do another assignment and the result is the very first community folder:

Fairphone_Community_Folder_150dpi.pdf (2.6 MB)

I hope you like it. :slight_smile: If anyone is interested, I can share the sources. I used Scribus to compile the folder.

If someone else comes up with a folder, let’s collect them here. :slight_smile:


“At the moment there are: […] (Android 7.1) […] Sibon (Android 7.1)” […]"
Isn’t that a bit premature?


Nice work.

Three comments

  • I think I’d swap positions of Ubuntu Touch and SailfishOS so that the list of custom ROMs is ordered alphabetically (or was there an intended order I didn’t understand?)
  • I cannot copy text out of the leaflet in any of my PDF viewers, is that intended?
  • Somehow I’m not happy with the first sentence
    • generally for me it’s somewhat strange to start an introduction by saying what it’s not and contrasting it to other things
    • my impression was: isn’t it a little arrogant to claim something about other communities (Apple and Samsung users are an anonymous mass) (I would’t “attack” their communities; rather the other companies)

Did you do without the official “Fairphone” lettering on purpose? I think when Fairphone gave us the Fairphone Community design, it included the official lettering for the word Fairphone all over (plus the Roboto font), so I wouldn’t be concernced there.

@paulakreuzer It was an assignment for my Geo Media Techniques class (that’s why the map is pictured so prominently. :wink: )

I don’t claim that everything is correct for this moment. :grin:


I don’t have any numbers to back my intuition, but it feels as if Ubuntu is more popular than Sailfish OS. I was ordering by (subjective) popularity.

No it’s not, but I couldn’t figure out, how I can tweak Scribus this way. Sure, Scribus is FLOSS, but comparing with Inkscape and GIMP, it doesn’t really outperform its proprietary counterpart (Adobe InDesign)…

You are completely right, I feel the same way. It was quite late already yesterday and I wrote the texts last. (~23h/24h)

@urs_lesse The Fairphone logo is not included in the Github repository. I would have needed a vector (svg) variant where I could change the colour. Also raster images don’t scale and look ugly when they are compressed. I had the social media icons as rasters ad first and they got some ugly artefacts at medium compression.

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Does this work for you?


Hihi, I think we need an archeologist badge for you! :grin:


I happened to stumble upon it quite a while ago when I was actually looking for a high-resolution tiff or jpeg :angel: So I just remembered it now.


Thanks Stefan

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