Outlook for next software update (August 2014)

Hi all,

I’m happy to say we have some more news about the next software update. We’ve just made a Support article about it:

What’s the outlook for the next software update?

Our software team has been busy with the next software update that will bring security fixes and address certain issues with GPS, among other software requests. We are also happy to announce that after this update, users will have the choice to further upgrade to a unified internal storage, which is an improvement to the separate partitions of 1 GB internal storage and 13 GB phone storage in the current software.

We expect this update to be pushed over Wi-Fi in the first weeks of August, and we will keep updating our support section when we have further news.

Last updated: 31 July 2014

What do you think?


Giving users a choice sounds so good.
What will happen to the information that’s already on the phone?

Good news. Does this work properly for those who have already repartitioned their phones as well?

Hey Joe,

great to hear. :smile:

Will the Android version also be updated?



Edit: I learned the new partitioning makes you loose all you data I edited paragraph below. So understand there is a choice. I would recommend Fairphone users to do that personally though.
I perfectly understand the reasons for giving users a choice. But i think you should make one tutorial video explaining what’s happening. I guess unified internal storage instead of 1 GB internal and 13 GB phone storage is quite confusing. I guess storage upgrade requires a device reset? If not, it think it might have been better to not give the users a choice wich is hard to understand and which consequences are not entirely clear to novice users. On what should an average user base his/her decision?

Critics aside: I really appreciate that Fairphone is taking that step and updates somethink so fundamental because having more space for apps etc is importand with app size still growing a lot. Great work, Thank you!
One could argue that the original device partitioning was a mistake from the start – but i really think it is more important to learn from mistakes.

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All good questions. I’ll put them together and consult with my colleagues in software.

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Sorry but I don’t understand the part about the storage. Does it have something to do with a supplemental SD card?

The storage mentioned here is the storage inside the phone. Not the storage on your simcard. Not the storage of an external SD-card

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@ZoidbergForPresident you won’t have this issue as v1.5 has the partition fix already in place. Basically anyone on v1, v1.1. or v1.3 has a 1GB partition for apps and 13GB for everything else. I understand the new solution is that there is simply only 1 partition and that’s used for apps and everything else. Some of us have applied a third party fix to repartition and give a bit more space for our apps.

The solution in v1.5 is definately much better :thumbsup:


Oh, cool then. Thanks for the heads-up.

To answer your questions:

  • The software update v1.6 called Cherry is for everyone, both first edition Fairphones and the second batch (mid-2014).

  • However, the storage upgrade is only for first edition Fairphones; this fix was already added to the second batch before shipment.

  • The “storage upgrade” as we’re calling it around the office will take a few taps in the Fairphone Updater app to get to. So it’s not immediately found but still accessible to all users who update to Cherry v1.6.

  • Before you upgrade, one must back up his/her phone because the upgrade will erase all data on your phone. Yes, an annoying thing but there’s no way around it if you want to unify these partitions (internal storage and phone storage will become one). We will post tutorials to guide users, but also hope to get some input from you all.

  • That’s why we are insisting that this ‘storage upgrade’ is still in the beta stage, for experienced users. We know there will be a learning curve and we want to start with experienced and confident users. Input here is also welcome.

  • For those who have used alternatives for storage partitions, you will have to join the pack and erase/backup your phone again if you want follow with future Fairphone OS updates. Sorry, but to deliver consistent customer support we have to be in line with this update/upgrade.

  • @ben, Good idea about the tutorial video. When we push the storage upgrader for ‘wide release’ we hope to have a video explanation.

  • And lastly, our current outlook is that we will push the software update in the coming days (well in advance of the weekend I hope).

Looking forward to it!


Joe, about that upgrade in the fourth point of your post, does it apply to 2nd batch too?

To long; didn’t read: No, i don’t think so. See below why.

Hi Zoidberg, you are talking of the following point?

Then the answer is probably no.
I installed the preview of the update already which did not erase my data - but the Google Apps, at least on FP1, batch 1. You will have to reinstall GApps (if you installed them) and there are some annoying crashes in the Keyboard until you do.
I am pretty sure @anon90052001 is talking of the storage update here, which is seperate from the fairphone os upgrade to cherry: It’s a seperate step available after the upgrade.

And finally i can answer your question (sorry for the long text): The second batch already has the new storage, no storage upgrade necessary for you and therefore no data loss. Yeah! :slight_smile:
(However you are advised to allways backup important data before you apply any update to your device.)

Thanks very much, ben.

I did the update and repartitioning coming from Fairphone OS 1.3 (with a first edition Fairphone) using a preview release of 1.6.

Before I made sure to use the backup functionality in the Fairphone software, which backs up to the external SD-card (which I use). To be sure I copied the backup to my local computer. Afterwards I did the software update (with factory install because I needed to install everything anyway after the repartitioning).

After booting into the new software I use the Fairphone updater to select the Partition Upgrader. This was non-responsive a few times, which is a known issue I heard from Fairphone development. After some patience I could select the Partition Upgrader, which went fine and took about 10 minutes I think.

Afterwards I made sure to install GApps the usual way and restore all data from the cloud by logging in (mail etc.). If you don’t use GApps, this step is not necessary off course. For all other programs I used the backup from the backup tool, which saved it on the SD-card. After restoring I could delete the files from my local computer.

The process went very smooth, once you know how to restore data after repartitioning. Very pleased with the upgraded space for applications!

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Update has been released. Follow this link for further conversation on the ‘Cherry’ V1.6 update.

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