Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store

hi Urs, long time no speak ;¬)

… probably a bit late to claim the More Worth Tax back. I’ll consider it a donation to one of the few European states to be maintaining its sanity (so far).

Btw, super wide sellotape (amusingly called Durex here in Ozz) works well as a broken screen survival fix.

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After I waited 4 months for some response by Fairphone (unfortunately, now I deep down hate your company and won’t recommend this to anyone, your fault, Fairphone), I right away ordered two displays from Vireo on friday. They sent them out the same day and they arrived on saturday.

To be honest, it doesn’t seem the FP team can handle the basic system of supply and demand of a service which was a prime selling point. Their silence or attempt to ‘reclassify’ my complaints on the lack of a screen being available are unforgiveable considering their fair trade credentials. They should either come clean on whether they can provide new screens or just admit the FP project has failed.

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They didn’t expect such a high demand in the Christmas sales:


Hmm ok, that’s a fair assessment of the situation (excuse the pun). I suppose it shows Fairphone is growing at unprecedented levels which can only be a good thing for the project and I’m glad for that :wink: I just wish they had said so clearly rather than have to chase an answer for so long. Let’s move forward then… :slight_smile:


received display for FP2 from https://www.vireo.de. fast shipping. works fine.


Was the same with me, and now my phone does work again, yay! :slight_smile:

I just received my replacement screen from Fairphone. So if you have a failed screen you should open a support ticket (unless you broke it yourself) - they have display modules available for warranty issues.

My new screen arrived at my house before I got home. Thankyou vireo. Cost a bit more, but solved the problem . and after two weeks of durexed screen it’s so good to have a whole FP2 again.

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The Fairphone 2 display is back in stock.



And at the bottom-module, you can now leave your email-address to get an email as soon as it’s back in stock. :wink:


Hi, How long have the “Fairphone 2 Bottom Module” been out of stock. How does it work, is it back in stock when at some point or when more sigh up with the email-address to get the module. ?

– would be nice if i got a confirmation email that i have sigh up for the spare part :smile:


I believe either they are just waiting for a shipment that will come in the next days, or they had to hold the bottom modules from the first shipment back for warranty cases as their stock ran out.

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Okay, I see they have some in stock on Vireo, but way more expensive.

But I don’t wanna buy from there, wanna support directly to Fairphone and don’t wanna send extra money to Vireo.

ill just wait a while then :slight_smile:

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Just to clear up a couple of potential misunderstandings:

  • The e-mail option should get you a notification when it comes back in stock. Be aware that this message may go into your spam folder. It does not reserve a module for you, nor does signing up for a notification mean you commit to buying a module when it becomes available.
  • Vireo.de is one of the official Fairphone distributors. They can and do set their own prices for modules and shipping. Their prices will depend in part on factors such as their own handling, storage and logistics costs - Fairphone themselves add the handling costs to the shipping fee, it appears that vireo adds them to the product cost. All in all, it will depend on what module you order and where you’re shipping it, whether a German retailer is going to be cost effective. What I’m trying to say is, these guys aren’t one of those unaffiliated companies that buy rare parts cheap and sell them with a huge markup.
  • If you have a defect that should be covered by warranty, always contact Fairphone support first. Even when there is no stock in the shop, there may be warranty replacement parts available (as these are separate channels). If you haven’t heard from support for a while - I’d personally give it a week at the moment - log in to your support account (created when you filed your ticket) to see whether their response got lost on the way, or to politely ask for an update. Calling them also works quite well.
    Note that it also appears that Fairphone has stopped shipping out replacement modules before receiving the broken module or payment for a new module (which is refunded on receipt of the broken module). Presumably, the number of people not returning the broken modules after receiving the new module was higher than anticipated. [Edit: this appears to be the case for screens and entire phones - individual modules can be recycled locally, as pointed out below]

Thx for a good response. :slight_smile:

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Actually it was them who said I would not have to send back my old camera module, but make sure to get it properly recycled.

So it´s still here in my shelf waiting for its destiny.


But at Vireo the price for bottom module in total 44,80 €.
and here on fairphone it is aprox 32 €.


that is a huge diff.

Could be that there is no reseller margin in the spare parts (there is on a complete phone, according to the price breakdown), which would mean that it invariably will be more expensive.

If you’re in germany, however, shipping would be about €12 cheaper (unless I misread their versandkosten), which puts you at approx €32. Also, their top module is the same price as the bottom module, whereas in the FP shop it is €5 more expensive - so if you are in Germany, you could get a top module cheaper from vireo than you can get it from Fairphone.


It seems that this is actually only true for the display module or a complete phone. Fairphone doesn’t want the other modules (back cover, battery, camera, top module, bottom module) back.