Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store

Give them a call, that speeds up the process a lot.

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I am really interested in your bottom module. I would try to resolder the usb port with a heatgun or solder a new one in. The parts are usually available from mouser or digi key…



My FP2 screen is faulty, a strip down the left-hand side doesn’t accept input. I’ve tried cleaning the contacts and reseating the screen with no effect. I need to order a new screen. Does anyone know when they are back in stock?

What you are describing sounds like a warranty issue.
Have a look also at this topic:

Try e.g. a painting app to check the functionality of the display. If one side is dead (has happened to a couple of users; see link above) I would suggest to get in touch with the support (i.e. to open ticket), as then you may have a good chance that the display will be replaced under warranty. Possibly there are some displays left for warranty cases, if they are currently not on sale.

See also:

How to use the checkup tool:


Since I’ve tried to use a micro SIM adapter, I suffer from the same “issue” as described in the post MicroSIM adapter broke SIM card slot pin.
The solution is buying a new core module. Unfortunately I’m on a business trip in Thailand for the next 3 months and I need the second SIM slot for a local SIM card.

That’s the situation, here are my questions:

  • Where can I buy a new core module? It is not listed in the shop. Is is soled out?
  • Is there a reseller here in Thailand where I can get the core module?

No, there are no resellers outside of Europe. But you can use the reseller Vireo who ships internationally.


Don’t forget to sell your old module in our unofficial #market place. According to an old poll at least 18% of FP users don’t use the dual SIM feature (I guess it’s more as dual SIM users are probably more likely to find that poll) and for them your core module would be great.
Also apparently in Australia you’ll soon only be able to use one SIM anyway, so maybe your core module could find a new home there. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I need the second SIM slot quite often because I have a SIM card from my employer and I always buy a local SIM card in the countries I work to save money :slight_smile:

I think I’ll try to find someone who can repair the core module, first. How come that Fairphone is not able to deliver the modules but Vireo can?

Because Fairphone doesn’t have them in stock at the moment (along with other parts missing too), but Vireo does.


Not only that. Fairphone generally only ships within Europe.
Vireo ships world wide.

I am not sure, but my guess would be that Fairphone only has valid certificates for the European market, since also that the hardware is built according to European standards.

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At the moment (April 30.) the Fairphone 2 Display Module is out of stock from Fairphone and a 40 days delivery time from Vireo. I guess Vireo had their stock of spare parts and they sold out a little later than Fairphone.

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I have more or less the same issue, at first I had to hold my charging cable in a certain way, and it’s not charging at all since more than 2 weeks.
I opened a ticket on the 5th of april and they told me they’d send a new bottom module as soon as they have them back in stock, which could take “some weeks”.
Have you received yours already ?
Has someone any further news on when spare parts arrive ?


I’m sorry, but this post is replicating so many other posts from a few months ago.
I’m writing it, because I want some answers about the current situation, and not the situation of last year of start of this year.

I broke my screen 3 weeks ago, and I ordered a new display module right away.
After 2 or 3 delay notifications of about 5 to 6 days, my reseller informs me that the display module will not be available before September 2017!

What’s happening? Why is there no information?
What started as a great idea, is not so great anymore, if we have to wait for months on end without even knowing if we can get the device fixed in the end.

Could somebody internal to Fairphone inform us about why the display module is unavailable?

Thank you and have a nice day.



Adding my voice here :
It’s really annoying to see Fairphone doing the same mistakes all over again…
4 month delay for something that is meant to be used every day, and that’s becoming almost mandatory in our life ?
What are we going to do ? buy a new phone…poof…everything that matters to us (and Fairphone i believe), like fair mining, fair electronics, sustainable process…all gone…and worse ! that makes two phones where only one is needed…
For the FP1, FP was completely new to the market, it wasn’t the owner of the design, it was already an old design, and volumes were much smaller…the lack of spares is understandable
for the FP2, we are talking about a phone that is currently (more or less) being sold, its your design, you (should) have some lessons learned, etc…
What are you doing guys ? for real ?
It introduce perfectly my next question: what is going on at Fairphone ? where are you headed ? what is “next” ? What changes did you do to the “little” update of the Fairphone 2 ? Are you producing phones right now ? Are you ever going to finish KitKat ? How’s Fairphone doing ? What are the sales numbers (official i mean) ?
Fairphone is as transparent as any other companies at the moment ! (which mean, not at all).


In other word’s, we need MORE communication from Fairphone side!! This silence kills your brand. Communicate communicate communicate…plzz


You can get spare parts on vireo as stated in the first post.

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yeah sure, 40 days delivery time… yeah that’s better, i’m totally going to wait until mid june to have a functioning phone !

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Few days ago I tried to buy a bottom module on Vireo, cause mine is broken (and then the phone is unusable), but they sent me an E-Mail telling me that the modules will arrive in June.

Right now I don’t know what to do…

This is the second time we are facing a problem with a spare part.
First was the display, now the bottom part with the microphone is no longer working.

The first replacement to the phone for around 12 weeks offline.
Now it looks like again the same story.

What the hell are they doing. Last time they stated they are having a support issue and lacking of capacity in the support. I’m wondering and excited looking forward to see, what this time are their excuses are.

Should we always buy two FP’s for having spareparts on stock at home. This really sucks.

It is a usually ok product but the wrong company is dealing with it.
This is really annoying and very very disappointing my wife and myself.


I slammed my Fairphone in between my car door by accident. :frowning: I’m so sad. I want to buy a new screen as soon as possible, but they’re not in stock yet. It says “coming soon”.

Anyone have any idea when the display screen part is likely to be available?? I hate having to use an Apple phone.

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