Out from Google Android: to where?

Hi there. I would like to go out from the Google realm and install a new open source OS, but I’m a bit lost. I wonder if I should just install the Open Source FP android version, or if I better go to Lineage OS or even Ubuntu Touch. I would need to encrypt mi phone data, so I wonder if any of these options would be compatible with phone encryption.

Thenx for your help!




As far as I know Ubuntu Touch has not yet been developed to the point that it’s recommended as a daily driver for most users, but I may be mistaken about that.

I think the consensus is that FPOOS and LOS both do great as daily drivers (and both support encryption). As for functionality, it’s down to whether you prefer a newer version of Android and fully community-driven development (Lineage) or a slightly older version of Android with guaranteed stable, Fairphone-driven development (FPOOS).

For what it’s worth, I’ve been on FPOOS from the start with the intention to switch to Lineage, but the experience has been so positive (except for the recent SIM disabling bug) that I just can’t be bothered to make the switch.


Cheers! Im going for LineageOS then… Thanx for your help…


I installed Fairphone OpenOS in November 2017 from scratch on a new FP2.
I have been working with computers since 1975, and have never experienced such a mess with software. I am Working with Linux since 1997 , first suse and since 2003 with debian, always stable. Now at this age SW developpers expect us find their problems with green banana SW and to change their diapers too. I am really pssssed with this android shhht. I see on google that I shall install a developper environment to be able to find errors. All the good documentation and logging, which linux had, is gone somewhere and not to be found any more.
I want some Open OS based on a debian installation or similar, with instructions, manuals and howtos and logging in /var/log. I am not willing to learn a new OS just because I need to use it. Each time I upgrade the apps, Contacts calendar, files, and other personal information is lost again on the stupid fone. Never had this with SuSe and debian. I still have the files from 198x from DOS to Windows and to suse 4.2 to 7.3 and on my debian from sarge to stretch.

Probably It makes sense for Fairphone OS staff to join forces with other OS developpers to speed up the bug resolution. Do we need that may OpenOS? We need one which works.

Probably I dump the whole thing and sell my dumb fone, because it simply takes too much time for trouble shooting, and I want to do my projects and not be a developper for google and a thousand defective apps.

Well, Android is a mess, that’s for sure, as is basically the whole software industry nowadays … what else is new … but this data loss still sounds unusual.
What and how do you upgrade exactly?

You might want to have a look at UBports (ex Ubuntu Touch) … but I think it’s not daily driver ready yet. Here’s what the forum says so far.
And from your comments here I guess you will not like their fancy installer (which looks nice, but doesn’t work reliably yet), but here’s an alternative way to install, which works.

Do we need that many Linux distributions? We need one which works :wink: .


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