Other languages or simplifications?

Hello everyone

I had a fairphone 1 for some years (just been stolen a week ago) but that’s the moment I choose to enter the forum because I want to buy a second hand one. It is very complicated for somebody who speak a poor english like me. All the steps to contact a seller… I know english is the universal language but please, if you use only this language, do something to simplify the use of the forum.


You can post in the Wanted category in your own language, put a flag (like :fr:, code for that is :fr:) in the title. In this case, the sellers will contact you in that language.

Please note that you will have less potential sellers in this case as not everyone here speaks French.


For reference:

You can also modify the preferences of the forum software at https://forum.fairphone.com/u/ [your username]/preferences/account

PS: Your English is very good.


When I write, it’s ok but it’s difficult to understand everything, especially the technical language of the forum.
My point was that it could be useful to traduce the explications, not the topics…

Are you talking specifically about the post template at the #market categories?

You are the only place where we can buy fairphone in second hand (or pieces), so yes…

Ok, then let’s ask the community to translate the post template! :smiley:

Edit: Here you go: :slight_smile:


Second-hand Fairphones can also be found on ebay.de (Caution: German language).

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