Other Cover color?

there is no timetable for the release of more/other cover’s colors or bumper on the store?
I use my girlfriend’s fp3 trasparent backcover on my fp3+ and i like everybody can see it, but i don’t have the official Bumper and there isn’t on the store. So, i love if fairphone release the traslucent cover or the bumper. I suppose i’m not the only one.

I think the new cases are a different material, more bio-based plastics and it may not be possible to make the bio-plastic transparent and duarble

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More protective case colors were originally suggested, but (now this is my speculation) I think it is unlikely now that a transparent one will be produced. The reason is that the rationale behind a transparent case is/was that it would allow some peek into the phone’s internals. With the launch of the FP3+, I believe that the FP3 will be discontinued sooner or later when remaining stock has sold out. At that point, all remaining Fairphones will be completely opaque and a transparent case would lose its most important “selling point”. You might have already read that the decision to go all opaque is an ecological one – the translucent FP3 could only use 9 % recycled plastics, the opaque FP3+ 40 %. I cannot imagine that Fairphone would go back on that improvement in terms of sustainability.

When it comes to the bumper, allowing a peek inside the phone was also a selling point (you already described this). While I doubt that Fairphone will keep producing bumpers (or even offer them as a standalone accessory), I think there is at least a slightly better argument to make for offering it – it could be justified as a more affordable protection option (compared to the protective case), although I am not sure that its actual production costs are dramatically different.


Yes, setting a new mold and anticipating the quantity to produce is probably not on FPs To~Do list

I don’t remember, Was the original color selection post after the change of the material? because i remember the green cover use 40% recycled plastics, i suppose the color option of the original discussion took into account about it

Yes, the color vote took place several months before the FP3+ was launched.

The mold at least has to be done already, since the bumper was standard for the FP3.
More likely some market research or customer reactions showed, that the bumper is not that popular, but that users would prefer a cover, that protects the whole phone or at least the plastic housing. Therefore they offer those kinds of covers and a screen protector.
Producing a bumper in llower quantities probably would result in a price tag, many people would not be willing to pay for such a small “piece of rubber”.
But I am totally guessing here.

Are you looking for a cover, that is protecting the phone or are you looking for a translucent back cover, that shows the insides of the phone?
That kind of cover is available as a spare part.
But, as @urs_lesse rightfully pointed out, this kind of cover is using less recycled materials than the opaque one. And that’s kind of averse to the FP philosophy.


yes, i have the translucent backcover. My question was about a cover (or a bumper) that shows the backcover. i know it’s just a whim and i don’t want to buy something is not ethical, so i question news about the official cover (thet one of the possible future color was translucent on the original surveys.

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