OTA Update from 31.10. lacks the Qualcomm DIAG kernel driver (DIAG_CHAR)

Hi everybody,

first of all thanks for the great work to get lineage os running on fairphone!

After the OTA Update from 31.10. I discovered that Snoop Snitch no longer running saying that
"no DIAG kernel driver (DIAG_CHAR) available" and further that can be changed by a firmeware update…

Does anybody encounter that issue and solved it?

How to enable or flash the DIAG driver from qualcomm back on the lineage os?



The maintainer of LineageOS FP2 port is @chrmhoffmann. He probably disabled it for security concerns or LineageOS security practices. Specific change is here:

The change probably can’t be reverted in official LineageOS ROM, but since sources are open, you can compile yourself your own boot.img (which is the partition that contains the kernel) with the change reverted. Though this is a little technical, it can help you (if you have 80GB free in your computer) to use docker-lineageos.


Thanks for the found commit. So far i stick to the “official” version not compiling me one by myself.

Means staying without ISMI Catcher Alert…

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