OsmAnd~ Route calculation takes forever - actually never finishes

Hi everybody,

as the title says I have a huge problem with the OsmAnd app. The app is not able to finish any route calculation for routes longer then 500 km lets say. I’m living in Germany and I downloaded all the available maps (and not only for Germany). If I want to see a relative small route (lets say Düssledorf-Cologne) the app takes a very very long time to show it to me (more then 5 min). But at least at some point it shows it.
In the case of longer routes (like Düsseldorf-Obersdorf) the app is not able to finish the route calculation and it gets stuck somewhere after the half of the calculation. Once I waited over 20 minutes and nothing happened. I tried multiple long routes and none of them got calculated.
I don’t mention the fact that an app that needs 5 min to calculate a 40 km route is more or less impossible to use.
Does anybody knows where the problem could be? Could it be the fact that I have the maps downloaded on the internal memory of the phone where now is not sooo much space left? I still have 3 GB free.

Thanks a lot!

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As far as i know this is a osmand faq. The offline routing algorithm is slow. It also should print a warning of that fact if you want to calculate longer routes (at least it did this for a long time)


Storage memory is usually no problem while calculating. But you should avoid entering an infinite loop route without beginning and end…:laughing:

I occasionally experience the same issue. It helps sometimes to add intermediate destinations. I guess because there fewer degrees of freedom…

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Hi Bogdan,
did you try to reinstall osmand? I experienced issues with osmand regularly and a reinstall always helped. Of course all maps also need to be downloaded again. On my FPOpenOS the calculation Düsseldorf-Köln needed about 2 Minutes.
Good luck!

Was the calculation done for travel by car?
Which OsmAnd version do you use? (Menu - Settings - version given at the top)
Which offline maps do you have available?



Germany, completely.

Hope that helps.

Nope, you may backup them, they are located in the Osmand directory.

Just tried that. I was surprised to see it took like 45 seconds after the progress bar raced almost to the end within no time. I chose the dots that mark the cities on the map, so I guess having to go through one-way roads in the city center of Cologne slows it down in the end. Depending on where exactly you started times might still be comparable. Are the border controls between Düsseldorf and Cologne gone in the meantime? Is it possible to travel freely between these two enemy cities at all? :yum:
There are still some more options to check in Osmand, like if there are any avoidances checked, what kind of route shall be calculated (fuel efficient, fastest etc.) which all can make a difference. Sometimes one plays around with a new app to get familiar with it and by doing that some odd options are set which cause trouble in the long run. So before reinstalling the app you could delete its data and see if that makes a difference.

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