(Original/regular) Cover issues (deformed, splits, cracks) (see first post)

From what I have been reading and seeing in this thread, I think Klaus nailed it. The uncoupling of the rim from the back cover actually reminds me of what we learned in school is called a “bimetal”. If Klaus is right, a glue fix probably only “resets” the situation very temporarily unless you somehow manage to shorten the rubber rim, i.e. cutting out maybe just 0.5 milimetres (once you are at glueing anyway …).

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Also: the rubber rim separating from the back is not the only design flaw. The material of the back isn’t sturdy enough, as many people have reported that the case cracks in the corners. Also my second case starts cracking now in the corners, even though I never took off the cover since I got the replacement, several months ago.
I was hoping that by the time my second cover starts falling apart, the design flaws are fixed, but it seems to become a never ending story. This is really bad considering the environmental impact.

I would probably consider the third party cover from @dvl as an alternative, but with all the respect to the designer I have to admit that 50€ (with shipping) is simply more than I am personally willing to spend on a thing like a phone backcover.

It would be great though, if Fairphone could for example offer such a third party solution as an official solution/alternative, if they are not able to fix the problems themselves. With just paying the price difference, I would totally be fine, as long as I don’t need two back covers every year anymore.

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There are several remarks to my own topic:

  • at best the involuntary joke - to me - is the followup question of @friek (“is the bumper any good”?)
    because I didnot intend to use the bumper as a bumper according to the topic. .
  • fact is that I can today use the broken rubber rim and the bumper got a double function
  • The issue about my own topic to me still today is how I started it right here at Repairs. It took not long and it was moved by a mod to DIY (!)
  • FP2 looked tough before. And this image I could underline once more :smile:

My Fairphone 2 cover begins to split at the volume buttons - again (it is a replacement because of the same reason). Now, it is only a small split. But I fear that the split will get larger/worse.

Edit (2016-20-11 10:09 CEST): I submitted a support request (#134394). Submit only worked on PC, not via mobile page.

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In my post above I already guessed in june that the problem comes from bad material and from the design . Too many devices are concerned. I just wonder why FP exchanges so many covers without offering a new cover by new design. It is now 6 months since the first rims got broken. I am sure that FP already knew that a new kind of cover is badly needed . Also it would be better from a certain point to offer some of the existing 3D-printed covers that wouldnot break instead of original covers that may break again . It is better to have a tough looking device then a damaged image of the company.

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There’s rumor that they will:


I have the same problem after 5 months and 2 weeks with a transparent black cover.

Just contacted the support.

They announced new slim covers today: https://www.fairphone.com/en/2016/10/18/fairphone-2-gets-new-case-design-four-colors/

The new covers have been urgently expected as a replacement for so many deformed covers. After reading the blog of Mr Abel I felt slightly irritated. This looks not like an announcement of a replacement due to mistaken cover design with deformed rims. Instead Mr Abel tells us about a new added customization. Irritated also I was when I read that I don’t need to change the phone when it is now possible to only change the cover. This is eyewashing to my eyes. I don’t want to use harsh words for this marketing cheap talk. But new covers could be buyed already much earlier from several 3D-printer shops while 3D model of an alternative FP2 cover was available from the beginning of the year. Because thousands of covers still need to be replaced I am not sure if a new cover offering is a big plus for environmental CO2 saving. Given a whole generation of covers that needs to be replaced there is much plastic waste that increased CO2 emission by mistaken design of a first generation of covers. I never would blame FP for replacing a cover generation because of a revolutionary modular design. It is the main reason for me having buyed the FP2. But I don’t like to read that a correction of cover design mistake is a big plus in the CO2 balance. Also it is not the first chance in smartphone world to change the cover instead of changing the whole phone. This reminds me on the bad joke about people who exchange their luxurious car limousine because the ash tray becomes full or seats need to be cleaned.


Hi this is my first post on here. I have exactly the same problem with my cover as in the above photos. I can’t take a pic of it because my only camera currently is on my phone!

Can any kind person advise me on what to do about it. Can I get a replacement from Fairphone, I’ve had my phone for 9 months.

You can take the cover off and take a pic of it then. You’ll need to send the picture to support.

This post is marked as the solution of this topic as it describes exactly how you get a free replacement.


Hi @Monkeygal,

I raised a support ticket and Fairphone sent me a replacement case.

I did have to wait a couple of weeks till the support ticket was answered, but after that, it was very fast.

Hi There,
Despite my hopes to not be one of those affected by cracked cases, I regret to inform that I have just noticed that there are cracks on the back of my case and also the rubber is coming apart at the volume area… which is “a sads”.

I wonder if by any chance, wont you have any silicon cases that can actually fit? Silicon cases have always proved to me to be very protective and versatile.

I have read I need to raise a support ticket, which I will do immediately, I wrote here as I had read in an earlier post that the support ticket interface was not working, and just in case, to be sure.

thank you in advance

Dear Customer Support Team,

Just a quick comment how satisfied I am with your service. Only two days after I handed in my request regarding a cracked case my FP2 has its new cover. That’s outstanding!

Kind regards,



Hi all, those who have tried it with the glue have resolved?

At least I had not to renew the hot glue on my cover for days now (after many tries which held for only a few days). And the split is not getting larger. But I don’t think this will hold forever.

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After 9 months, my Fairphone 2 unfortunately shows signs of wear that I couldn’t manage to achieve with other phones in years :frowning:

I’m glad that the rubber is not separating from the back part of the cover as seen in some photos here, though the rubber bulges near the volume buttons.
My problem is the material of the back part. I’ve noticed cracks on all four edges. The phone is mostly carried in my front pocket (and sometimes in a separate compartment of my bag), which I would describe as pretty standard these days. I’ve never dropped the phone or applied force to it. As you can see in the photos attached, the crack one the lower right side is pretty big and I guess it’s going to grow until something falls apart.

A replacement cover every year is quite the opposite of what I’ve had in mind with a Fairphone. I don’t think that I could have done anything to prevent this so unless there will be changes to the material or design of the cover, this is going to happen again.

The new covers seem to be different in form and material but I like to have a “neutral” phone without poppy colours. And I love the subtle detail of black transparency.

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So far we just know that the transparent and black covers remain available and have undergone a slight revision (material and probably construction) as well. So the material has indeed changed.


Not only does it look stupid, depending on where it happens it makes it more difficult to use the volume buttons and increases chances of liquid and dust getting in. It affects form and function.

As always, would be great to get an official statement :smiley: I guess I’ll contact support for further information.

Also on my FP2 cracks on both lower edges occured (see photo). Reply from Fairphon support was that this would not be covered by warranty. From the posts above I did understand that some of you got a replacement when having the same defect that I have.

Can you confirm?

Thanks and best regards,

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