Fairphone 2 available?

Anybody knows when the Fairphone 2 will be available again? Thanks


I’m not a FP employee, but this is what I heard:

The FP2 is not being sold for a couple of days as they are preparing something cool (no idea what) and don’t want people to buy now and then be disappointed that they didn’t wait a few days.


Hey everyone,

the FP2 shop says that the FP2 is currently unavailable.
Is there a specific reason for this?

@douwe do you have any information on this?

Thanks and best regards

I smell the sweet scent of fresh new back covers in the air … :smile:


I hope they are more durable than the old ones which begin to split at the volume buttons after 4-5 months.


Is there any official information ? Or I should choose an another phone ?

Hey all,

We’re working on something exciting, and we plan to open sales again in the next weeks.



uff… that is quite long!
I am very excited for all the future Fairphone owners, but you definitely should come up with more info in the shop - a normal customer would just think you have problems with the phone and turn a away if this stays like this for weeks!


We’ll open sales again in a few weeks, but we plan to release more specific information much sooner.


Fairphone 2.1 is coming…? Modular design made it happen? :smirk:
Just a theory, though… :grin:


Reminds me on Frank Zappas LP on my board:
“Jazz is not dead … it just smells funny” Just replace Jazz with FP2-Covers or FP2 or even all FP :slight_smile:


I actually had a slightly lesser flattering inspiration. :wink:

and german “flattering” is one of the false english friend I always mix up.
But inspiration I have a much better one due to my job at Astrium/Safran-Launchers :wink:

Come on guys, I know you are working hard but people need to know what they waiting for. Few weeks, it’s too long for me I wanted this phone first but well…if its worth waiting, I’ll wait but if I don’t why…too bad.


So True…! Some more information please.

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FP’s public relationship/customer information politics are really a miracle to me, there have been easily avoidable disasters before (the chipset of FP1, the delivery promises…), none of them being explainable by being a small company - and now the shop is simply dead?

Last week a colleague of mine developed some interest in the Fairphone. Wanted to know what kind of spare parts are available and such - and then the shop presented itself dead for buying a new device. No explanation whatsoever. I had the idea that the forum might tell something and well, found this thread.

@Douwe - why on earth are you doing this to yourself as a company?
And why are you doing this to all those of your customers who try to spread the word every day?
There may be a good reason for all this…but weeks of just being dead seems like the worst advertisement ever.

Anybody now playing with the idea of buying a new Fairphone must brace himself for the prospect of FP just shutting down the spare parts shop without any announcement - as you did with the shop section for new devices just now.

This is just ammunition for all those who say, that trying to buy fair is just for people who are daydreamers not caring to get ripped over their ideals.

Its pretty, that Bas has received a new award.
But currently you’ve got way more important news to share on your front page, folks!


At least add

to the text in the shop in the meantime… I think that would already help! :slight_smile:

ps. I already had same questions of alarmed friends regarding the “sale stop” of fairphone 2!


I wish that it is a partnership with Jolla to offer sailfish native on fp, because that would be really exciting!


Another wild guess: The Fairphone developers are almost done roasting their marshmallows. They “plan to release more specific information” as soon as they are ready to eat, but then it will take “a few weeks” to package and ship them from China. In the meantime, they ran out of lollies and don’t want to order new ones (because who would want a lolly now if you can have a marshmallow soon?).

At least that would fit my definition of “we’re working on something exciting”. A new back cover wouldn’t. :sunglasses:

(And I have to agree (again) that Fairphone’s communication strategy sucks is almost as bad as Apple’s leaves room for improvement.)


(And I have to agree (again) that Fairphone’s communication strategy sucks is almost as bad as Apple’s leaves room for improvement.)


A pity, but a little bit true…