(Original/regular) Cover issues (deformed, splits, cracks) (see first post)

Unfortunately this happens to the old (one-piece) covers quite regularely. Unless you are lucky to receive one that is not affected, you can not avoid it.
This should be a warranty case and you will get a new cover for free.
The new slimline covers do not face that problem and as far as i know, you will get one of those now (well, I got one for replacement).

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Hm having the same problem, but support seems quite slow. (over a week, no reply)
Also having microphone problems since last week, no reply too.

Did you proceed according to that instruction-page?

I received an answer within 24 hours and the new cover in less than a week.
Maybe your added micro-problem is delaying the support handling in total.
Still, a short note, that your request is being processed wouldn’t be asked too much.

Maybe try to contact someone from Fairphone Customer Support by phone to speed things up.

[quote]Our team can help you further

Or call us: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.[/quote]

Edit: I just learned, that my initial idea to contact support here in this forum via pm ist not that good an advice, as they are busy with support requests via mail and phone already and therefore not regularly checking for pms; plus: you wouldn’t know who is on vacation, business travel or being sick and therefore not able to help you. And sending a pm to multiple support personnel could lead to a waste of resources, all of them trying to assist at the same time.
So I just removed my link to that regard.

Thanks for the tip, i did not go via troubleshoot to create the support tickets (in both cases) so my guess is, because i created the tickets manually their automatic subject matching did not work and therefore did not get handled by an automatic process. But i did everything else mentioned in the troubleshootings. (attached an image and removed the bottom module in the mic not working case) I also added my orderId + imei.

But still it should not take longer than a week to handle tickets which are not based on a standard template.

Thanks, BertG, I’m not sure if I have the old (one-piece) cover, it’s the transparent one. I’ll see what Support replies. Thank you!

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The transparent ones are obviously the old ones. The new slim-covers are 2 pieces you have to click together (top and bottom). They come only in matte colors.

Thanks, BertG, I’ll keep this in mind if I can order a new one!

I have the same issue and I have created a ticket 10 days ago. No answer yet. I have sent also an e-mail; no answer neither. I cannot use 4G without having the famous random reboots and I need to lock the phone when making a call for avoiding to finish the call suddenly. How can I recommend this product to someone? I love the idea of a phone with a high social value, but this good idea should be go with a good/medium product and a good service. I feel dissapointed and lot of people of this forum too :frowning:

Have you tried putting a piece of paper at the bottom of the battery to improve contact? I have seldom had random reboots since I put some paper there. And if your cover needs to ve replaced and support does not answer, just give them a phonecall. I did that too and it worked very well. Just make sure you know what colour to order.

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I tried with the paper, but the reboots are related only with the 4G mode. Using the 3G mode I haven’t any problem. I will try with a phone call, but if I was able to buy the phone quickly directly by internet, it’s supposed that I should receive support in the same way, doesn’t it?

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No. That is a sad state of affairs I agree, but … No.
What is this supposition based on?

Anyway, if you offer support in the website offering the possibility to send them a ticket, you should review the tickets and answer them. If you don’t have time to do this, please remove this way of contact from the website and let only the phone number as the only way for contacting them.

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Hello, I have the same problem with my FP2 cover.
It starts with the volume button, then it extends. I tried to glue the 2 layers of the cover, but after 1 week they split again.

I always keep my FP2 in a protective case, and it had no major fall so far.

My issue is that I live in China now, and I can´t be delivered here, although Fairphone is made in this country. Here Fairphone 2 works perfectly with the provider “China Unicom”, which network is good even in remote areas.


That’s a warranty case, as the splitting is due to a constructive flaw.
Get in contact with them this way:

Back cover > regular > broken
You will need this picture of your broken cover and maybe the IMEI and the invoice (should you have bought the phone from a third party seller.

As Fairphone does not deliver to China, you migth choose to let it be delivered to someone (friends, family …) in Europe, who then does forward it to you. Should you be in need of someone, you can send me a pm as well.
(You will be able to send pm as a “basic user”. To reach that status you just have to read some posts in five or so topics,)


After 1 year same issue with this cover :frowning:

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Same problem with my fairphone2 FP400019580. Thought it was my fault (dunno how by the way), but I see it is a design flaw. Questions: if I contact the support, will they ask me to send the cover before sending me a good one (I don’t like to remain without a phone)? Will the cover be replaced with another of the same type (which will crack in few months)? Will you ever do slim cases in regular (black) colors?

A picture of the cover will be enough.
In exchange you will get a slim case (colour to your likeing; availablility in the shop as an assumption). The old ones are dicontinued due to the problems.
On my request the reacted instantly. Did take about one week until I had a new one.


My fp2 case is bending out at the volume button for the second time. Bit annoying