Original Protective Case breaks my FP5

I have had an FP5 since it was released. I also ordered the original case to protect it. This is so loose that dust has probably got between the case and the FP5 over time and destroyed all the paint. This should not happen. Does anyone else have a similar problem?


Oh no, that’s sad to see and even more proof that the official case is not only useless, but actually endangering the phone. There’s a whole thread about alternatives here: Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

Even though, I wouldn’t expect any replacement for the scratched phone, you should definitely report that to Fairphone and ask for a refund on the case, at least.

Lets see how fast the support will answer now … Last contact was mid Dec and I got an answer yesterday (after I asked paypal for a refund)

While the case has its obstacles: I would be surprised dust could do this to the frame. I most times dont use any case or protection and put it in jacket, trouser, back-pack and would expect if the frame in general would be so damageable I would have scratches all over what I dont have.

Keep us posted what they say.

I think sand could do something like this if it enters into the case.


But if you keep the phone in the same sandy place without the case, it’ll likely lead to similar results, no?

To describe this a little more precisely. I always have the phone in my trouser pocket. Dust and possibly sand can get in there. This has never been a problem with any phone (protective cover and display film).

With the FP5, however, the case is EXTREMELY loose. It sometimes falls off (see the other forum entry). It doesn’t really protect. But if a grain of dust gets between the case and the phone, it is always rubbed back and forth by the movement in the trouser pocket because the case is so loose.


Unfortunately, I can confirm that the original protective case is pretty much useless.
It’s just not high enough. I recently dropped my FP5, on the front, of course. The case didn’t provide any protection, and now I have the first dents in my beautiful phone. :frowning:


The original case doesn’t protect, absolutely useless. It’s a shame to ask for money for it.

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I use the original protective case for the FP5 as well. The phone is in there since the first day. I had a closer look due to this post and it seems that the paint shows wear in some places as well. It does not look as bad as it is described in the first thread (by far).

I have to admit that my phone fell down more than once (from approxiamtely 1 meter).I am not sure if this damage comes from the fall and what the correct expectation is in regard to the protective case.
Is such damage expected even with a protective case in case off such a fall?

I also found that dust settles in between the phone and the case, which at least would point to a possible connection between the wear and having the phone with the case in the pocket.

To make it short. I will get a full refund of the phone and the case. There was no discussion about whether the cover was bad or not.


I have something similar with my FP4 and original case.
my scratches are less deep and more superficial. I guess your case was too loose.

I thought i had the same on my previous phone Sony Xperia X. I experienced there also that dirt got in the cover.
But no visual scratches on the frame (not metal)

I think however, that i jave seen this happen on other phones as well. As you can see in the link below, it’s a common problem even for iPhones and Samsung phones.