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I am interested in your experience with product shipping at Fairphone.

I have ordered several times and almost always there is a problem: My city name is missing on the package label, although I have - of course - specified it when ordering.

Currently there is again exactly the same problem when I ordered a spare part. The UPS tracking reports an “incomplete address” which is why the package cannot be delivered.
So the package is sent back to Fairphone (as always) , I contacted the support again, they will correct the address label manually and the package is sent again.

The support team answered my last request, some months before: “We do not print the name of your city on the address label, only the zip code. UPS will find your city.”.
Apparently not.

It’s getting annoying to always run after the package for every order (e.g. for spare parts) and to have constant contact with support about the incomplete address label.

I would be interested to know if you have had similar experiences :wink:

I can only recommend to go for pickup station delivery.

Before I turned to that and still had my orders delivered to my home address, I kept having trouble getting ahold of the delivery – although it was never about address issues (and my address does include an apartment number in an extra line), but always about not catching the delivery man (despite being at home all day and tracking telling me he could not meet me). And that was both when it was still DHL and once UPS was the new delivery service.

Since I was able to opt for pickup station delivery, I always went for this option and have had no issues with three shipments I received there in the last couple of months.

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I use my company address for shipping and we receive multiple packages every day (most of them by DHL and UPS). There is never a problem, just with the packages sent by Fairphone - obviously because they never print my address completely on the label. Strange.

But thank you for the hint, I guess next time I will choose pickup station delivery! Let’s see if Fairphone refuses to mention the city on the label there, too :wink:

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I just checked my (paper) files where I have made it a habit to not just keep the delivery note, but also the sticky labels from the outside of the packages. The town name has always been on the labels regardless of whether it was still to my house address or already to the pickup station. However, my “additional” apartment number was always added at the end of the street line (so not in a separate line).

Perhaps the omission of the town name in your case might actually be related to the additional inclusion of a company line? Just speculating, of course.

But let’s see if others have shared your experience.

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Not at all. Ordered something to Germany in April, was shipped two days later and arrived another two days after that. Where do you live?
But I would be happy, if Fairphone would use not UPS but a more consumer friendly carrier. UPS might be perfect for companies.

let mine shipped to my private address without any problems

Ok, maybe it is caused by the additional line for the company name. I will choose pickup station for future orders.

In the meantime I did not receive my order and there is no reply from support yet. I guess it will still take some weeks until it arrives back in the Netherlands, relabeled and sent again.
All this effort for a simple bottom module replacement :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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