Fairphone Shop Error Message - "invalid customer address id"?

I am trying to buy something from the shop. Everything seems to be fine until I get to the “Shipping” page. My address is correct, I choose Pickup as shipping method and and I choose the pickup location, then I click on “Continue to Review & Pay” at the bottom of the page. Instead of getting to the next page everything turns greyish and at the top of the page the error message appears: “The shipping information was unable to be solved. Invalid customer address id 281200”. (see screen shot)
I also tried selecting home delivery, with the same result.

Does anyone know what the problem could be??

Hi Hope you realise this is not official support just a user forum.

So are you shipping to a valid country? EU / UK etc.

If you are try contacting support|at|fairphone|dot|com

Hi, and thank you,
Yes I know that this is a user forum, I just thought I’d ask here first if anyone else has experienced this before bothering the official support.

And yes, absolutely valid address in Austria, the shop is suggesting pickup Iocations nearby… I actually tried changing the address to a friends’ one in Germany - same error message.

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Okay, now it is getting interesting…
I changed my location to UK to try a UK address (where I used to live), and now it works!
Even if I change the shipping address back to Austria. I’d just have to pay in GBP now…

It seems really strange to me though :thinking:

Have you made sure to set the right FLAG and LANGUAGE (in the top right corner)?


Well, I used to have the Austrian FLAG plus English as LANGUAGE > doesn’t work.
After your comment I tried Austrian FLAG plus German as LANGUAGE > doesn’t work, (only difference the error message is partly german now;)

BUT as I posted before your comment, changing the FLAG to UK seems to make it work. Which doesn’t make sense, right??!

I mean, I bought my fairphone in the UK years ago, however not from the fairphone shop but from my phone provider. So I just registered on the shop today, as an Austrian resident. Something’s weird.


Sound similar to this:

Suffice it to say that the order form is not exactly bug free.


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