Orange Manual Selector bugging me since system update


I just did the system update today and after rebooting, an app is bugging me : it’s called Orange Manual Selector and I can’t uninstall it, just disable it.
What is that ? I don’t have Orange provider but Free provider.


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Now that you mention it… I’ve got this too!

I’ll try removing it via adb later today! Will send a reply here on how it went…

Meanwhile, does anyone know what that app does?


I’m seeing it too, since yesterday (26 October 2020).
It seems like an alternative app installer.

It is a really annoying, sneaky app. The splash screen just shows a cartoon of two hot air balloons and says:
Discover applications for your smartphone and install them in a few easy steps.

By tapping Continue I accept Terms


If I tap on Terms, I get a page in French that reveals the app publisher to be Orange, a French telco (founded from the ashes of France Telecom). Oh, and it reveals that in order to use the app, I must have a SIM from Orange in my phone, and be on a contract whose commercial name is “Sosh”…

I’ve blocked notifications from this app, because I cannot find it in the list of installed apps, so can’t remove it from my phone.


Every Fairphones comes with these apps, but they should only be activated for Orange customers. See

App Center for Orange France – Support (

So no worries.

@Elsa_Pag: What do you mean by “bugging”? The sheer existence of the app on your phone (it was there before the update) – or does it actually do anything annoying?

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It can be removed via adb; it’s the package named:
(I have not tried, but maybe disable would work, too, via adb)

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Hello. I’m not Orange customer but I’m still receiving this notification after the last update. Seems like a bug to me. Not to mention it is weird that my phone is wasting storage with commercial bloatware.

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@teezeh : it bugs me because it makes notifications come up and runs in the background, and I can’t uninstall it which is insane ! Just it being there using my phone battery bugs me.
I would like a new update to get rid of it.
What if Orange, Free, Bouygues, SFR, etc, all had apps like this sending notifications at stat that we had to disable by hand ?

By the way, what is adb ?

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Yes, it’s annoying and there is no reason why it should be even there on the phone. But you can silence the notifications by going into Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> SEE ALL xx APPS then look down the list for Orange Manual Selector and turn of notifications.

There is also the option to DISABLE and to FORCE STOP, but when I first select either of those, I get a warning that for disable “Android and other apps may no longer function…” and for force stop “if you force-stop an app, it may misbehave”.

Other than the rather dubious use of the verb “may”, I find this quite unclear and possibly misleading.

Really, the solution is to NOT INSTALL THIS CRAP ON THE PHONE, and to allow Orange subscribers to install the app at their own leisure.

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The only problem of this “crap” is that it has been activated accidentally in the latest update, that is all. There is so much other “crap” on each and every phone out there, but nobody gives a damn, because people do not even know about it, and it does not influence the OS in any way while disabled.

So, please come back down. It is true that it does not look very nicely, and this glitch should not have happened at all, but there are far more serious issues with the phone than this one…

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So do you mean it’s OK to put crap in the phones, as long as no one knows about it ? Is that so ? So I suppose it’s OK if for instance your conversations on your phone are spied on, as long as you don’t know about it, or it doesn’t influence your everyday life, until it does.

As for your second argument, we should not complain about this because it’s a tiny bug, we should indeed consider ourselves lucky that it’s the only thing we have to complain about since a lot of people have bigger problems, right ? Well, I don’t agree with that either, because some times I complain about somebody misbehaving in the street, like spitting on the floor, or letting his dog poo in the grass, and the person tells me I should feel lucky I wasn’t hit on the face or spat at, so I should come back down and shut it. So there are far more serious behaviours I could complain about.

So I can’t really agree with you, because even though it is a very small bug, first this happens, then next time it will be 2 apps, then 3. Even though they might be bigger issues, I found this extremely intruding and I thought, with its bright colours and the Orange name appearing, that it was a hack or a spyware, that my phone had been installed with some kind of virus, during update.

In the end, it’s not that big a deal, like I said in the fist post, I have disabled it right away, I was just bothered by the fact I couldn’t get rid of it for good.


Unless you know what that Orange app really does to your phone and your data, please do not call it “crap” or similar. First, you should gather some information about issues you want to complain about, otherwise it is “Trump rhetoric”:

“This app is a very bad app, I have seen thousands of thousands of Oranges spread all over the display with my own eyes! So sad, it is true! We must fight these very, very bad and tremendous Oranges to protect our nation against them, and our precious phones! Fairphone have done a very bad job, they are fired! Apple first!”

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That’s Google’s “Android Developer Bridge”, a tool that connects to your phone via USB and allows executing some more low-level commands, like e.g. uninstalling apps that your settings does not allow you to remove.

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-> FP3: stock ROM available? :wink:

Just a guess.

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Please post the source of the information. I am not dubious about it, I just want proof. Thanks in advance.

Oh, BTW: Your phone carrier knows which numbers you dial. So scary…

The source was the NetGuard log on my FP3 back in December 2019 which is now unfortunately not available anymore. And of course I don’t know if the app is still doing it, since it’s not a feature of /e/ which I switched to.

Please post the source of the information.

Addition: Orange wasn’t my phone carrier back then, since it is not available here.

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The point is that this is a widespread app, so by now at least one journalist or security guy in the world should have found out if this app spies on people or not. I did a quick search, but I have not found anything with regard to such accusations.

Actually, that has been a joke, because it is quite logical that a provider must know about phone numbers in order to establish phone connections for us to be able to talk to each other…

You posted a joke.

Snafu replied with a joke.


There are so many spying apps around nowadays, it’s a difficult task because of the sheer mass. But seriously, if I use a domain name “” like they do, I would hardly expect an e.g. update server for new versions.
I will have a look if this app is downloadable somewhere and see if I can find out for you.

I have that app too with free provider! What’s that, anybody really knows?

I also got this silly app that is pointless for non Orange users. I do my best for reducing the number of applications installed or activated on my phone and this one is especially crazy to receive as an “update” as it should only happen to Orange customers, and only if they bought their phone from Orange. This gives me big doubts about Fairphone’s behavior regarding their customers.