Opinions about the /e/ foundation's ROM - Random restarts

Hello! I would like to read opinions about the /e/ foundation’s ROM runnig on the Fairphone 3. I am thinking about changing the base system for that one but I don’t know too much about it. I bought some months ago a Fairphone 3 and it keeps restarting itself randomly when I use it and I had turned it on recently, a soon as it restarts itself it won’t restart again until I turned off and on again the device. It isn’t a big problem because I usually maintain my phone on but what I can do is reinstall the base system or install this ROM to try it.

Did you check this topic: /e/ for FP3 (Google free OS)?

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/e/ OS is very stable. You just need to adapt to the lack of Google apps and services. And find an App Store that suits you (I use the included sotre called Apps and Aurora Store when I don’t find what I need on the first one).


Do you still use Google apps? Is it a good “alternative” to the original Android with or/and without them? Does your device receive system updates in long term? If it is compatible of course.