Oooh. Ohhh. Lineage 15.1 (testing)

But encryption was gone for me after wiping with the LineageOS recovery.

To clarify:
Before my first (failed) install I wiped everything with TWRP, but didn’t format data to keep encryption in place. That was the install that didn’t boot.

After that, I wiped everything with the LineageOS recovery, and the encryption was gone. Installing the test build afterwards did work, encrypting the phone with it didn’t work.

So I take it that next time I should do everything in TWRP again, but additionally get rid of the encryption by formatting data?


“With the Android Oreo update, Google continues to polish the Android experience for all users. The update notably brings picture-in-picture mode support from Android TV, the Autofill Framework which replaces the need for password managers’ laggy accessibility services, and notification channels for more fine-grained control over your notifications. In addition to these changes, some previously root-only tweaks such as theming your device no longer require root, so there are less reasons to root your phone. Still, for those of you who do root your devices, you now have another tool at your disposal: access to the Xposed Framework for Android Oreo (8.0/8.1).”

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Is there a way to test this one while backing up my current OS (LOS+microG)?

Here’s what I do …

  • Make sure I have the install files with which I installed the old OS (+ Open GApps in my case).
  • Use MyPhoneExplorer to “Multi-Sync” everything there is to sync … complete Internal Storage, contacts, messages, photos etc. … to my PC to be on the safe side with a data backup.
  • Make a full system backup in TWRP and copy that to my PC.

Then I can wipe and format and test all I like, and if I want to have the old system back …

  • Wipe everything in TWRP.
  • (In case encryption is gone … disassemble new camera modules, install the old OS and immediately encrypt the phone again, encrypts very fast this way because there’s almost nothing in Internal Storage … reassemble new camera modules.)
  • Restore the TWRP system backup.
  • (In case the phone doesn’t want to boot afterwards, install the old OS again over the restored backup, this got it to boot reliably for me.)
  • Boot the old OS and use MyPhoneExplorer to “Multi-Sync” all my data back to the phone

And voilà … back on the old system as if nothing happened :slight_smile: .

Edit for a slight correction: My ringtones aren’t back after the restore.
The system backup restores the ringtone settings, but as my custom ringtone files don’t come back until Internal Storage gets restored, the OS cleverly reverts to default sounds.


Cheers AnotherElk, that could be a nice one for #backup or something.

Gonna give it a whirl when I’m sober. I forgot about that MyPhoneExplorer application and used Titanium Backup in the past. How are people on non-Windows doing this?

I wonder. MyPhoneExplorer is one of only a few things still keeping me on Windows.
However, MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.7 seemed to work using Wine when connecting to the phone via WiFi.
That’s what I would try first on Linux with the current MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.9.

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I’m on MacOS and I’m doing backups of apps/data/some system prefs (user dictionary) via Titanium Backup (oandbackup has failed to restore data for me in the past). I then do system backups with TRWP and copy the whole thing (aka the virtual „sdcard“) to my Mac with adb (which can be installed via Homebrew). I use Androids pretty bad Android File Transfer app to copy audiobooks to the device sometimes

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Ok, next try on encryption … coming from an encrypted phone with LineageOS 14.1. 20180711 …

(TL;DR: Encryption works when prepared the right way, but TWRP can’t handle it afterwards.)

  • Disassembled both new camera modules.
    (On another try I’m happy to report that you can leave the top module in the phone, disassembling the main camera module was enough for me.)

TWRP 3.2.2-0

  • Destroyed the LUKS header to really seriously get rid of prior encryption (Advanced - Terminal -
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p20 bs=4096 count=512)
  • Formatted data to get a valid Ext4 again (Wipe - Format Data).
  • Resized data to not regret later that I left that out (Wipe - Advanced Wipe - data - Repair or Change File System - Resize File System)
  • Wiped everything except Micro SD card (Wipe - Advanced Wipe).

Rebooted into TWRP to make sure encryption is gone (no request for the encryption password when starting).

  • Checked file systems (visible via Wipe - Advanced Wipe - [file system of choice] - Repair or Change File System) …
    system: ext4
    cache: ext4
    data: ext4

  • Installed test build (Install - Select Storage etc.).

Rebooted into LineageOS 15.1

  • Set Screen Lock to None/ a PIN/ a password (Settings - Security & privacy - Screen lock)
  • Encryption (Settings - Security & privacy - Encryption & credentials - Encrypt phone)

Showed the Android robot for a moment, then rebooted and in the process somewhen showed the Android robot again and encrypted the phone.

So far, so good :+1: .

But … @z3ntu TWRP 3.2.2-0 can’t handle this encryption yet?
It prompts for the password (even if the setting in LineageOS 15.1 was “None”), but fails to decrypt. Even if I set a password (not a PIN like I used to) for the encryption in LineageOS 15.1 and I’m trying the correct password in TWRP.

And … @chrmhoffmann While a start pattern works, I noticed that regardless of whether I set a start PIN or a start password the phone then prompts me for a PIN and I can only enter numbers. Which isn’t intended when having set a password, I guess?

New version available (this time without gapps):

This should:

  • fix some led stuff
  • fix 2nd sim (temp fix only)

As I was coming from Ubuntu Touch who have their own recovery, I used the recovery image from the first post to install today’s image plus opengapps pico via sideload. Worked perfectly. First time wizard is completed, phone is up and running. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of posting my experience like AnotherElk does in Updating LineageOS via TWRP + feature test if that’s ok. Any problems I’d report/discuss here.


That is great to see! :+1:

Have you published the source code for this already? I’d like to build my own and play around with it a bit. Thanks!

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Device config:


Branch is staging/lineage-15.1 in both repos.


Some problems I encountered

  • poweroff does reboot with new camera modules (happens on 14.1 as well)
    • rebooting into lineage recovery + poweroff there is ok
  • after booting, there is a message that the owncloud app was stopped
  • owncloud app cannot download files, gives error that it failed to finish download (it does have permission to access files)

Things that work and not mentioned yet

  • screen mirroring via WiFi direct and a Samsung BluRay player
  • boot time feels shorter than with 14.1

Code is also on gerrit now.


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Build installed via TWRP 3.2.2-0 (Releases)

The following things work for me so far:

  • call / be called
  • send SMS / receive SMS
  • internet via WiFi
  • internet via mobile network
  • location
  • compass
  • screenshot
  • main camera (new module, flash works correctly with Open Camera, not with the stock Camera App)
  • selfie camera (new module)
  • USB connection to PC / MTP
  • alarm
  • MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.9
  • root (Settings - Developer Settings - Root Access)
  • WiFi hotspot
  • Bluetooth (music playback, data connection)
  • FM radio

Confirmed. LED works for the battery status now :+1: .

It reboots with the new camera modules.
Without them it powers off.

And with encryption in place it powers off from the start pattern/ PIN/ password even with the new camera modules.


Would it be possible at some point to repartition so as to support A/B updating?

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Some more problems: I wanted to download the fdroid app from their webpage in Firefox. After tapping the download button, I see “Starting download…” in the Firefox status bar at the bottom. But then nothing happens.

For the moment I installed it via adb install /path/to/FDroid.apk from my PC.

Then I wanted to install the fdroid priviledge extensions. Installing the OTA package puts the actual install ZIP file in /data/user/0/org.fdroid.fdroid/ota which then needs to be installed from recovery. But that failed with the lineage recovery

  • navigating to the above folder was impossible; if the folder/file list is too long, you can scroll down but when you tap the desired folder, it actually evaluated the tap as if you hadn’t scrolled at all (tapping “user” actually opened a folder starting with “a”)
  • after copying the ZIP file to the SD card I could select it for install but then the installation failed

So I switched to TWRP and got it working.

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Related? …

That’s what I think, too. But I haven’t found a way to find out more. In the logcat I didn’t see anything that looked related (system is rooted).

How did you download firefox / owncloud app then?
I think I cannot reproduce that.