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I just got my first Fairphone, a 3+, and tried to transfer my contacts from my old LG G5. The transfer went only well for the, let’s call it text data, but it did not transfer/link the pics which were stored with the contacts. How can I transfer/link those also?

It depends upon where a) the images were stored on your LG and where the contacts were, SIM or phone memory

and b) how you did the transfer, as if you had two sources on the LG, as I had, you may have only transferred the ones from the SIM which doesn’t keep the pictures. Only the phone storage keeps the images

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Hi amoun,
sorry for coming back so late, took the support a week to answer my incident with the noise screen.
a) I have no idea where the pics are stored, how can I find out? All contacts are stored on the phone, on SIM are only the default ones o2 stored on it.
b) I tried it via google cloud, I guess, following the initializing process when starting the phone after factory reset.

What I also found is, that also the anniversaries stored in the contacts have not been transferred. Is there somewhere a Howto on getting the data from one android phone to another?

I don’t know whether it solves this particular problem, but yes …

Looking now :slight_smile: You mean Where are they on the old LG? and you want to save them, copy and paste to new phone.

Do you have a lot else just add new ones.

@AnotherElk link will provide some ideas

Different Phones Samsug, LG store data/images differently. Linking the old phone to PC may enable you to trawl for them. I haven’t yet found a web page on the exact solution but see

Thanks for the link, but this did not help. The referenced sites are only working with up to date android versions. Unfortunately I’m trying to transfer my data from an older model (LG G5) with Android 8.

Thanks for the link, unfortunately the phone is not rooted and I don’t use Windows or a Mac, so its not working for me.

You could have a look at what MyPhoneExplorer can do for you (How To and FAQ).

Looks like a nice tool, but its Windows only as far as I see.

Funktioniert leider nicht.
Meine Windows und Wine Kenntnisse reichen nicht.
Ein Haufen DLL Fehler, sowohl bei normaler Installation als auch bei Portable.

Virtuelle Maschine?

Got it. Neighbor has Win on his Laptop.


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