Oooh. Ohhh. Lineage 15.1 (testing)


already do what now :blush:

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Donate more, obviously :slight_smile: ?

Edit: Oh, there was something else, too …


What are the differences between 14.1 encryption and 15.1 encryption? What are the advantages of one over the other?

I wanted to know, too.

According to this …

… there’s a possible change from full-disk encryption (been around since Android 5) to file-based encryption (since Android 7), but I’m not in the know whether this is the root of the current problem or not.

No. Or at least it’s not known yet why twrp cannot decrypt partitions that are encrypted under O. I am not yet sure if twrp can decrypt 15.1 if the encryption was done under 14.1.


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It’s possible (up to probable) I get something wrong … but this here sounds like somebody fixed that for the OnePlus 5T in January.

Edit: Ok, nevermind. The more I read about it, the more it seems finding another convenient backup workflow for 15.1 or betting on Fairphone to get Android 7 ready with a working TWRP are the ways to go for me …

twrp 3.2.3-0 is released.


According to the notes it doesn’t fix Android 8.1 decryption.
It does fix the broken automatic OTA installs.

Great job everyone, not least @chrmhoffmann :smile:
Perhaps a guide/wiki for installing Lineage 15.1 summarizing everything (TWRP, Modem-zip, getting GAPPs or alternatives) would be nice?
EDIT: Never mind, there is such a thing, I forgot ( Is there anything in there that needs updating to account for Lineage 15.1?

Does that mean that if you have encryption on 15.1 you can install OTA updates? But if you wanted to use TWRP for anything else you still can’t decrypt…

Or do you mean encryption prevents OTA updates still even on 15.1?

That. Details are in the other topic.

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So I guess we have to wait one week more for the official nighlty :cry:

I noticed a problem with the headphones during a call. I can adjust the volume and the GUI shows it whereas the intensity of sound does not change a lot from minimum to maximum values and it always remains quite high.


I have fairephone 2 whith lynageos 14.1

Ny question :
How to upgrade from 14.1 to lynage is 15 whithout install google services ?

Thanks for your support

Best regards


Once the official nightly release is available, you’ll simply upgrade. Google services are not included in official LOS releases (and they haven’t been included in the unofficial releases posted in this thread since the 2nd update).

You can install the latest unofficial build now, but you’ll still have to upgrade anyway to the official release so it’s probably worth waiting a few extra days and just doing it once.


And we are official.



That is a :gift: for the whole community.
You definitively deserve some cases of beer :wink:
Thank you for your work. I (and I am sure many more than me) really appreciate it.

Time to retrospect:
Officially launched with Android 5.1. Now we are on the 3rd major update!
This is how sustainability should be.
Thank you again.


Exactly, and
Fairphone should point out more often that among other green and social items Fairphone is a very safe phone. I do not know any other phone offering so many regular updates and upgrades (Lineage, Ubuntu, etc) . Normally phones get only updates in the beginning and, sorry to say, I know people who bought a new phone which did not get further updates.
An excellent product like Fairphone should tell all people what are all the advantages and positive differences to other products.


This is really cool! Thanks a lot!

I guess, LineageOS with integrated microg will follow soon? Do you know if this will happen automatically?