Official LineageOS 20 FP4

read back a bit, multiple posts covering it

"Aaanze wrote
Magisk modules:

=> MagiskHide Props Config
=> Systemless Hosts
=> Universal SafetyNet Fix v2.3.1
=> GPay SQLite Fix (this one is only mandatory for GPay, will not do anything for safetynet check)


This one is kinda important as you won’t ever pass safetynet on LOS with default FP4 device fingerprint, I don’t get why this is not necessary with stock rom, but the fact is I know for sure this step is mandatory.

=> Changed my device signature to trusted device, chose: Fairphone 3/3 plus

Magisk settings:

=> Zygisk enabled
=> Force exclusion list
=> Excluded:

  • Play Store
  • Wallet
  • Google Service Framework"

I don’t think LineageOS supports locking your bootloader. If you want a locked bootloader, check out CalyxOS.

Google Wallet/Pay doesn’t work on most (all) of the larger ROMs. I think you’d have to check out xda-developers for one that does, if there is one at all.

This is based on what?

Btw Iode supports locking the bootloader as well e/OS does so why would LOS not?

Sure for the FP4 there is a bug that increases the risk to brick.

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It’s not recommended by the official FAQ, for example:

As other LOS forks like iodéOS and e/OS work flawlessly with a locked bootloader, see no reason why it shouldn’t work with the original LineageOS.

But of course it can be risky to lock the bootloader if you don’t check fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability before you relock the bootloader - as mentioned in iodéOS install instructions


This is written in the iodéOS FAQ:

A few manufacturers like Fairphone allow bootloader relocking. If you order a iodé Fairphone 3+ or 4, the bootloader is therefore locked.

I think the only difference is that LineageOS was supporting over 400 devices officially(!) in total and is still supporting about 170, while iodéOS is supporting 22 devices. So it’s a lot easier to make reliable statements regarding the locking of the bootloader and LineageOS probably dodged a lot of support requests and people who claimed that LineageOS bricked their phone by not recommending that step in general.


In theory yes, but they would have to set a custom root of trust, and I checked, flashing the avb_custom_key isn’t part of the Lineage installation.


For those, like me, who waited for official microG: it’s available!


I installed it over the microG version made available in this thread and had no issues at all. It is almost scary how seamless the process succeeded. To this point, no limitations (boot, connect Bluetooth, listen to podcast and write this message work).


Oh and as I don’t remember it being mentioned before in this thread: as of Android 13, the LineageOS camera app successfully supports the fish eye lens (to be found as “.7” zoom level). :tada:

How is the camera quality in comparison to the Stock ROM? Do you use GCAM or the new lineage photo app?

I was considering to switch to lineage (yeah, Android 13! :tada:), but this is an important aspect to me.

The quality is very good. You also can use the wideangle Camera und you can use another camera app with wideangle. But you can’t use 48 MP.

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I’m a lame judge, but I’d say the Lineage cam app quality equals the one of stock app. Didn’t try GCam yet. I usually omit super quality modes as they are beyond my use, as I tend not to cover walls with mobile phone snapshot photos.

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I use Open Camera and Gcam.
Open Camera is more stable.

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Which GCam Port and what is unstable? Another might work better.

Gcam version: Version
But this version is sometimes unstable, but not very often.

from which developer BSG, Nikita, Wichaya…)?there can be differences in terms of stabiltiy etc.

And what does unstable mean? Slow, crashing, not focussing…?

I don’t know the developer.
The instability was, that the camera was very slow.

FP4. Upto date. Installing latest LineageOS +Recovery (
Follow the all steps to unlock bootloader. Installed Lineage. All OK and Recovery too.
Do the ‘fastboot flashing lock’ and lose the ability to boot Lineage. Recovery and fastboot still OK.

I’m set to use slot b (another post suggests) setting to slot a, so unlock and switch then relock. Still no dice.

Do the ‘fastboot flashing unlock’ and I can boot into LineageOS again. Sigh.

What gives? This used to work fine on my old FP3+.

Moved your post here, as far as I understand its currently not possible to lock the bootloader after installing LOS