Official LineageOS 19 for Fairphone 3/3+

Just tried the LOS 19.?. It seems to be a 19.0, as said in the text, the links says 19.1
And it looks like it’s 19.0, as it’s SDK31? Tried to install some gapps (which I depend upon), and there seems to be none for SDK31. Only SDK32, which seems to be 19.1?

Since LOS 19 there is no distinction between 19.0 or 19.1 anymore. See Changelog 26 - Tailored Twelve, Audacious Automotive, Neat Networking, Devoted Developers – LineageOS – LineageOS Android Distribution

Except for SDK. 19.0 is 12 is SDK 31, 19.1 is 12L is SDK 32…
So, there’s some difference left

Hi. I just wanted to give it a try, but it seems that opengapps does not have a version for Android 12 yet. Is it possible to do a dirty upgrade using “mind the gap” instead?

I’ve been trying this also. It looks like this is the equivalent of Android 12, which is SDK 31. I could not really find “mainstream” gapps for this SDK
Opengapps/Mindthegapps are either Android 11 or Android 12L (which is LOS 19.1), with SDK 32

So, I hope going officially official will bei SDK32 on monday :wink:

Maybe the GApps working on FP4 with LOS will work?

Or this

Indeed, at least litegapps offer packages for SDK31, so they should work

Are you sure it is SDK31? Because the sources say it’s 32.

Yes, quite sure, as the install script says its SDK31. I did not boot it, though, as I did not dare to risk a factory reset as I need my device.
But OpenGapps as well as mindthegapps both state the installed LOS is SDK31, not 32

I actually flashed gapps on top on LOS 19.1 with success.
Had to go with 12.1 version of NikGapps.

Worth noting that LOS recovery won’t be able to flash the zip (well in my case I could not), so you’ll have to flash twrp right after LOS install to successfully flash it.

What do you exactly mean by “LOS recovery won’t be able to flash the zip”? Does the adb sideload result in an error, or does the sideload work, but the result won’t boot? I can’t boot my “dirty upgrade” yet…

Sorry I lacked precision.

In my case LOS recovery ADB sideload feature would throw an error, I don’t recall exactly but I think it was about not being able to mount /root. Installation aborted everytime.

I followed various “how to fix blabla exact problem as I have” tutorials involving wiping dalvik cache, formatting data etc. without success. Turns out flashing the zip through TWRP ADB sideload went flawlessly.

What do you call dirty upgrade, did you upgrade from 18.1 ? Did you build 19.1 yourself, is it signed ?

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I tried flashing from twrp, but i only tried opengapps I’m experienced with and mindthegapps, recommended by the los team. So, guess I’ll wait for next week and in case I’ll try different gapps packages also.

Ooooh… I started answer this thread because I was quoted and did not notice… it was about fp3/3+… I’m a FP4 user so there are chances I’m totally irrelevant here. Sorry

Well, gapps are os specific, not model specific, so your input is valuable.
If you have positive experiences with different gapps versions I’m eager to hear about it!

Well like I said I used NikGapps because neither mindthegapps nor opengapps would install.

Didn’t notice any difference, works just fine.

Edit: you talked about “dirty flash”. Do you mean you flashed LOS on top of another LOS version that didn’t have gapps, and without wiping your phone ?
If that’s the case there is absolutely no way at all that flashing gapps will work as it need to be flashed before first boot setup wizard.

The only alternative that I know of for getting gapps on a degoogled system after setup is through litegapps magisk module, but it doesn’t seem very stable.

Not sure whether you addressed me, but I did the normal upgrade routine, no dirty flash. And i even did not get to flash gapps at all, because i didn’t test nikgapps

For those of you who wonder, I’ve just reinstalled LineageOS on Thursday (coming from stock ROM) and I flashed MindTheGApps sucessfully.

With “dirty upgrade” I mean adb sideload of the 19.1 on top of the 18.1 installation without wiping the device.

Hello, I wanted to report that I was able to upgrade from 18.1 to 19 without wiping anything, and flashing mindthegapps (opengapps package failed giving an sdk version error).

Exciting, thank you for developing this!