Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

No, no signing in my case. But you could easily adapt the settings in src/ to also sign with your own key.

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I can’t register. The commands on the website gave me the result “Error: no such column: android_id”.

btw @dk1978 I can confirm it too that the Night Light and Live Display are working. Now my phone is “complete”. It wasn’t really bad that it was not working. But it was a feature I liked and it is good to have it back.

Just want to say a BIG THX for the good lineaos builds. Just got my FP3+ as an upgrade to my broken FP2 and installed the lineageos 17.1 / 2021-03-15 nightly (after upgrading to the latest official fairphone builds) with magisk and unifiednlp. Everything is working like a charm without any hickups since some days. I have a very stable 4G connection and calls are established very fast and reliably! phone ui also feels very fast.

unifiedNLP FP builds for fairphone (Releases · WeAreFairphone/flashable-zip_microG · GitHub) seem a bit outdated and do not work, but this procedure on reddit for the OnePlus 3 actually worked for me:

Only thing that was a bit disappointing in the end was the very minimal camera app compared to the lineageos builds for FP2. Is there any chance to get a similar camera app for the FP3+?

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Looking more and more attractive!

I’m a big fan of the Color Calibration within Live Display, which allows me to reduce the blue channel for a more neutral color rendition of the FP3 display. @The_Little_Death Is this available now?

I can confirm that Live Display is available now and works perfectly :slight_smile:

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An update from my side: we have decided to integrate modem and dsp partition images into the coming LineageOS updates. It may take a while for that to be approved in our case by LineageOS directors and I am still testing it here locally. This means that an OTA update will now contain these partition images in its payload:

boot.img  dsp.img  dtbo.img  mdtp.img  modem.img  rpm.img  system.img  vbmeta.img  vendor.img

The dsp, mdtp, modem and rpm images are new. I hope that this eliminates all remaining problems with reboots during calls for those users who are still using older stock images. I also expect this to work with locked bootloaders. Note that we are being selective about what to ship, and not updating everything (bootloaders, Keymaster, TrustZone) like a stock Fairphone update would do. If any problems pop up, please let me know. Keep in mind that the FP3 is an A/B device and can easily be rolled back to the working slot if an update goes bad for you.


The March update for lineageos for microg is finally out.
I’ve just installed it and I did not run into any problem.
LiveDisplay now works as intended : many thanks to @dk1978 !


@dk1978 :
There is a little problem that annoys me but I do not know if it is related to LineageOS, Android or the FairPhone itself : the alarm clock can be really unreliable, ringing sometimes up to 5 minutes too late.
Last time, I had to check my phone to realize it did not ring despite being 7 minutes late … just to ring after that.
Could that just be the phone going too deep in sleep ?
I always put on the energy saver but I do want my alarm to be more precise…

That behavior is not acceptable. Please file a bug report with LineageOS using the links in the thread header. Maybe one of the other LOS devs has seen the issue before. Be sure to include complete logcat dumps.

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Be sure to include complete logcat dumps.

Hum, sorry to ask : I guess this dump must be made just after I notice such delay happening, right ?
==> Alright, answer found on the right page (How to submit a bug report | LineageOS Wiki).

Did you add your alarm clock app to the apps that are not stopped by the system when in background, especially when turning on energy save mode? (Settings->apps->special app access->battery optimization->not optimized)

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The clock I use is :
And yes, I had already checked, but this app is classified as “battery optimization unavailable”.


OK, done : it had a new delay today of 5 minutes.
The bug is filed here :

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I just updated via the OTA Updater App to 20210329, with a locked bootloader. If this version already has the separate modem and dsp partitions, I can confirm the update worked :slight_smile:
Dont’t know how to check this, I did see a block device mounted as /vendor/dsp in adb.

Maybe I have missed something, but is there a more up to date version of ✏ [ALPHA] FP3/FP3+: Complete guide for installing LineageOS?

Hey @86ul I’d go with this part of the first post:

Or as a shortcut: Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki


Is there any way to check whether an image contains those partitions or not?
I am using Lineage4microG and build the ROM by myself using their Docker ci/cd image and I am not sure if they adapt this change “automatically”.

Thanks again for all the efforts you are putting into this :slight_smile:

Yes, essentially by unzipping the OTA .zip file and running a tool such as the LineageOS payload extractor on it. See the section mentioning under Extracting proprietary blobs from LineageOS zip files | LineageOS Wiki.

No, I do not expect them to be able to do that - not without special effort on their part. The firmware partition images I described in the post above live in a private LineageOS repository that the MicroG people cannot access. To do things right, they would have to get the partition images themselves, from LOS or stock, and include them in their docker image build process.

Your options are:

  • Build the MicroG-patched image yourself, and use that. You can update the partition images from a stock Fairphone OTA manually. Requires unlocked bootloader.
  • Get in touch with MicroG and tell them you want the extra “radio” partitions as part of their downloads. They might have more ideas on how to get that done.
  • Migrate from the latest Fairphone release to Lineage4microG - thus you will already be using the latest partition images.
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Sorry, no, the inclusion of firmware partitions is still under review by the LineageOS directors. The latest feedback was that they want us to include a longer list of partitions, not just those I listed in the post above. If this passes review, we will then ship

aboot.img cmnlib64.img cmnlib.img devcfg.img dsp.img keymaster.img lksecapp.img mdtp.img modem.img rpm.img sbl1.img tz.img

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Is there a fourth option? Switch from LOS4microG to your version and renounce microG?