Offer FP2, defective, with new, unused Microphone and Battery, optically good condition

I’m offering my DEFECTIVE FP2 purchased in fall 2018, white.

It’s defective and out of function, which I point out! But many parts still in good condition or even new!

Optically in very good shape, no scratches or damage in the backcover, bumper or glas, it could be used for exchange of spare parts. (Ersatzteile)

But regrettably it once caught raindrops and the water-sensor marks in the inside turned reddish. Also technical problems arose. I’d presume, that the mainboard is damaged.

I tried to fix problems by getting new micorphone module and new battery. (Akku)
But it did not fix the problem.

Battery and microphone module are new (bought in 2020 but never used) and should work.

Usable parts include

  • Battery (new, never used)
  • Microphone Module (never used)
  • Glass / Screen
  • Bumper
  • additional Bumper
  • Back cover


Shipping possible, but only within Germany because of the battery.


Euro 15,- plus shipping fee via PayPal

See photos below!

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Hello, I’m interested! You say that a battery can’t be shipped outside of the phone but you would send the whole phone aren’t you? I’m in Geneva, Switzerland right now, I can pick an address in Switzerland or in France depending of what would be the cheapest. I’m looking for a battery and the bottom module but I can buy the whole if that’s needed for the shipping (and other spare parts may be useful later anyway). Thank you!

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Hello Flaburgan,
I reference the statement given by Fairphone: " Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals."

But I just read the DHL terms and it seems not to be a problem, if I send the batteries outside the device.
And yes, everything would be included, as given in the fotos, that I just appendend.

The fee is slightly higher, as I just checked:
Switzerland: DHL Päckchen International bis 2 kg 12,70 EUR
France: Päckchen XS bis 2 kg 4,89 EUR

I don’t think, that it needs to be shipped as a whole dued to shipping conditions, but I would be glad to sell it as a whole. For the price is low and the effort of shipping is high on my side.

So, well … should work :smiley: :innocent:

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OK I’ll take it, I can even pay more than 15 euros for those pieces, to thank you for your time. I’m PMing you.

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Hi, I’m in urgent need for a microphone (bottom module).
It would need to be shipped to Belgium. Costs are not an issue.
Please let us know if it’s still available.

No I think it’s the contrary, it’s no problem only if you send them inside the device.

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