November update broke my wifi

Yesterday I updated my rooted FP2 OpenOS.
I was still at the august release (very busy in the latest weeks), and I updated to the last available version through the updater.
I cannot say the update was smooth since I had to do it a few times: at least twice I went through the whole update procedure (download, install, reboot), but then I found that the update had not been installed (the updater still suggested the same update) and had to start again. However this also happened with some previous updates and at the end I always succeded to do a successfull update.
Not this time.

Now, according to the settings, my OS build is FP2-userdebug 6.0.1 FP2 fp2-sibon-17.11.2 release-keys

I cannot connect to wifi (i do not even see the available networks). If I open wifi settings I only have one option, i.e. activating the wifi. However, even if I do it, the setting does not last.
According to advanced wifi settings, my IP adress seems to be unavailable.
Mobile 4g network works.


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Since the OS booted up successfully, have you restarted the phone yet, perhaps even turned it completely off and on again?

Here are some things to try …

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I have the same problem after the november update. Anyone a clue?

I have fixed it to manually flash my fairphone: see

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Sorry, I do not understand how you fixed it: did you reset and restore the full OS?
I would like to avoid this if possible.

Yes I did restore the full OS manually. After I finished the restore my apps and data where still on my phone.

Is it normal to find back your apps and data on your phone after the OS

I never had to restore my OS but always thought of OS restore as a “back
to factory condition” operation. If it s not the case then I could
consider doing the same.

Consider that I have a FP Open OS, no google account and not google
backup (but I do have a Titanium backup).

I dont know what should be normal behaviour.

How did you restore the OS? I think I have to go the same way as you, but I do not know how to do it.

I have lived the last month without wifi, it was not too bad, but it turns out the updater will not even let me update the phone without wifi, so I have no other solution than restoring the OS.

I never did it and I would like to do it with the least possible hassle, how did you do it?

See my previous answer. I followd the guidelines from:

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Thank you so much for your kindness and patience!

Following your guide and with the help of some other fairphoners I finally solved this issue!

See this post if you are in the same situation as me!

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