How to restore my FP2 Open OS?

November’s update was not very successful for me: after the update the wifi did not work anymore. Even when I activate it, it de-activates itself, in the advanced settings the Network Notifier is grey, just as the IP and MAC addresses.

I did not have much time to look into this problem during the last month and I simply used the mobile network all the time which was fine.
However, now I would like to solve this issue. Especially since the updater won’t let me update the os if i’m not using a wifi.
I already presented this situation in a previous thread and apparently the only solution is restoring the OS.

Could you please help me with that? I am especially concerned about my contacts since I have no google backup (but I have a full, up to date, apps and data titanium back up).

I am currently on a rooted FP2 with Open OS and I wold like to keep this configuration. How do I do it?

Is going to
Settings --> Backup and restore --> Restore to pristine condition
the way to go?

I see there is also this guide for manually reinstalling the OS but it deals with Fairphone OS, what about a similar procedure involving the Open OS? Maybe it is this one (but this deals about switching to Open OS and I am already on Open OS)?

Thank you for any help and suggestions, I hope you are spending happy winter holidays!!

I’d simply try to manually update.

Use the guide you found:

but use the first file (OTA - Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build) from here:

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An alternative is to apply the December update.
Of course first make a backup.
1 Download the FP2 ZIP pack it on SD card or internal storage
2 Start phone in TWRP (Power+VolUp > 10s) and install it via ZIP
3 If desired, without reboot also (re-)flash XPosed ZIP with TWRP.

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So if I understand this correctly, these are two different ways to do the update without the updater, right?
This would solve the issue of updating but is it likely that it will also solve my wifi issue? Otherwise I will have to do this procedure every new update…I guess I will have to try first…

I am trying to use the procedure Paula mentioned but I cannot find any file named in the zip file. Is this normal? I am supposed to run it at same point in the procedure.

@paulakreuzer is referring to the same file. I just specified the file more,

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I understand it is the same file, and basically also the same procedure, just one using computer, the other one only mobile and TWRP. I will give it a try (after all I think flashing it from TWRP might be easier, since I already used this procedure many times for Xposed).

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Yes. The guide you linked to does it via fastboot while Lidwien’s easier description is for updating via TWRP.

If you are certain that the issue exists since the last update you made than it’s likely that something went wrong during the update. This should fix that.

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I am 100% sure this was due to the update unfortunately. The process is almost over, it was actually pretty fast, I hope it was successful!

Wow!!! This really worked! Thank you so much!!! All smooth and wifi working after one month!!!

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