Notifications still sound if silenced phone is put in priority notification mode

I’m not sure it’s a known bug… but I put my phone in priority notification setting and it still makes the notification sound even if silenced… anyone has the same problem?

can you describe mor what you mean with:

I can not replicate…
Regards, Novski

If you press up/down volume keys you get 3 options one of which is “priority”. There you can decide what your “silence mode” should be.

This worked as a charm at first but since I got my replacement FP2 I can’t get it right.

Perhaps this is what you are looking for:
When your screen is on, push the volumeknob down 1 time.
Now you will see a screen where you can choose Priority.
If you choose Priority, you can choose Priority interruptions only by tapping on the icon on the right.
In the next screen you can set the priority to many options.

I have the same problem! I found the priority mode and set all on silent still, the phone rings. Seems to be a bug? I want to use it at work (still need the phone-calls but for test I put this on off too).

I have this problem too!

The priority mode worked flawlessly in the beginning, but the last week or so my FP2 has started to give me sound notifications from apps when it’s set to priority mode. I cannot say if it makes a sound every time there is a notification and if it goes for all the apps that send me notifications, because I haven’t paid that close attention to it – I have simply turned it to complete silence (the “No interruptions. Not even alarms” option) as soon as it made a sound, and that setting works fine. But I need my alarms, so I hope this bug will be fixed in the next update.

It is also a tad annoying that the phone makes system sounds (like that little click when you unlock your phone, etc.) when it’s put to priority sounds only.

And just for the record, these are my settings: In the volume settings (accessed by pressing the volume blobs) I have set the phone to priority mode and chosen it to last ‘Indefinitely’. And in the further settings (accessed by tapping the cogwheel icon in the same menu), I have set priority interruptions to be only ‘Events and reminders’. The star icon shows at the top of the screen, so everything seems to be in order – except that the phone makes sounds.

EDIT: The app that was sending me sound notifications earlier today (Telegram messenger) has now started to do silent notifications again, while another app (WeChat) now has started to make sound notifications. I haven’t done anything at all with the settings on the phone. This is so strange.

Have you already tried to define the notification behaviour for every single app (off, on, priority) in Settings > Sound and Notifications --> Notifications?

I haven’t changed any of those settings since I got the phone, but I checked it now, and the only app that is set to ‘priority’ is the Clock app. Still I just got a notification from Telegram messenger with sound, although priority mode is activated. Very strange.

Thanks for the tip though :slight_smile:

Ok, just to ask again: Does anyone who know if this is a known bug?

I still get notifications with sound from WeChat when my phone is set to priority mode (last time just now!). Very very annoying since it means I can’t really use priority mode at all. When I still use it, it is because some days it works just fine, whereas other days it doesn’t. I really don’t understand this.

(Switching to silent mode is of course an option, but I tend to forget to switch silent mode off again, and then I oversleep the next morning, which is why priority mode would have been perfect if it actually worked.)

I have done the software update that came in the beginning of April.
I have reinstalled WeChat (and the other apps that earlier used to send me notifications) several times.
I have re-booted lots of lots of times.
I have disabled and re-enabled privacy impact.
I have not changed the settings for priority mode (WeChat notifications are not marked as priority).

There hasn’t been much response here – are we the only three people who experience this problem?

I have the same problem. My phone also allows messages and gamesounds to come trough the priority setting, even though I have set it so that only alarms should come through with sound.

The same thing happens when using the peace of mind app, I believe.

There is no peace of mind app on the FP2.

I found it on Google play.

You’re not the only ones; I have the same problem with notifications from WhatsApp and Signal!

My fairphone OS is updated to the latest version, the phone is in the priority-only mode (with star), and the notification settings of both WhatsApp and Signal are set to normal/non-priority. But still the notifications from these apps make the phone buzz.

It’s very annoying when you can’t set your phone in completely silent mode because you need the alarm, and your contacts in another timezone keep sending you messages about totally inane stuff :wink:

I’m going to try to see if it helps if I turn off “Messages” with the slider in the priority mode settings menu.

For some reason I don’t have this problem anymore, but I have also stopped using WeChat which caused most of the annoying notifications.Perhaps that is the reason. What have I got instead? A bunch of other bugs. When one problem disappears, another pops up. Classical FP2.

That helped.
I feel that it is not how it should work though. First of all, it’s confusing that there are two different menus that control which notifications get through in priority mode. Second of all, I’d like to be able to control the priority notification settings per app; notifications from one messaging app tend to be more relevant for me than from the other.
I hope this gets addressed in a next update.

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Me too! I would like to control the notification style per app, whether is makes a sounds, appears on the lock screen or just in the notification bar.
Also I would like to choose a different sound just for SMS notifications, unless this already exists and I haven’t found it yet, I have only had my FP2 for a few days and am still finding my way.