Not working microphone/ gap between screen and rest


i have a problem with my Fairphone 2.

I recently noticed that my microphone is
sometimes not working.

Since i nearly never call someone but
rather write people i have no idea how long this already occurs. I tried
different things like calling/what’s app and the voice recorder and all have
the same result so it must be the microphone itself.

Furthermore, i found out by accident that
if i press my phone in the left bottom corner together that it works perfectly
fine again as long as i hold it.

I also checked if it is put together correctly
since i once removed the screen to clean the front camera and was afraid i did
something wrong there.

I could not find that is wrong but it looks
like there is a gap between the two phone half’s after it is closed. (I mean
the gab seen on this picture / this is not
my picture its randomly from the internet but i don’t have a camera beside my

When i press my phone together the gap gets
smaller so i guess it’s somewhat related to that.

Does anyone have an idea what it could be
or what i could do?

On another note sometimes during charging
the touchscreen stops working. I read in the forum that this is caused by the
loading equipment but i had it with several charges and cables. Could it result
also from this gap?

thanks in advance

Thank you for your post.

My microphone suddenly stopped working as well (in all apps) and indeed my phone has ‘the gap’ as well. The microphone worked again after closing the gap by pushing the front and back of the phone together.

It seems to keep working now. Perhaps the charging problems my phone had can be explained through the gap as well. It would be great if there would be a way to keep the gap closed somehow. Maybe some kind of clip would do it.

The touchscreen issue for me only occurs when the battery is almost empty. And only with some chargers, and even only for some power sockets. Don’t know what to do about it…

Maybe this helps:

Sometimes reassembling the phone helped. There are also some similar problems discussed here:


I wrote fairphone about it and they said it sound slike my mic module is broken but first i should try to clean the contacts. Problem is i dont have a microfiber(thing not native english ;D) so it has to wait till tomorrow.

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