Not all phone calls are listed

Most of my calls (the ones I made today or the last days; the ones I received today) arent’t shown in my app. The last two are from 5th and 2nd Dec. (both were outgoing). The app lists outgoing, missed incoming and accepted incoming calls.
Is it most probable an issue of the app, my FP2 or of some phone setting(s), e. g. in Settings → Apps & [notifications] → [the app itself]?

OS: Fairphone Open 21.20.0-rel.2
App: Simple Dialer - Manage your phone calls easily (F-Droid)

It’s an issue I’ve never encountered and cannot reproduce in the native telephony app - I imagine it’s down to the particular app you’re using. I’m not seeing this bug in their issue tracker, so no help there.

Can you swipe down to refresh the call log list and see if the missing calls pop up?


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