Not all notifications shown on "Always On Display"

I just got my FP5 and was playing around with the “always on” feature. (I am aware of the battery problem associated with it).
It seems that not all notification icons are shown on my screen when I turn it off. In fact, the only one it shows is a permanent/silent notification. The ones for my e-mail or messenger apps will only show up for about a second after turning of the screen and then disappear. The notifications all show up on the lockscreen once I turn the screen on.
Is this a feature or bug? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting for this? Is there already a topic on this forum and I just didn’t find it?

Edit: The AOD is also way too dark to actually see. (I am at the office. So daylight but no direct sunlight and I can barely see the time.

Some discussion here that echoes your questions.

thank you! I saw that topic. the part about the brightness is really just a minor problem (though, is this really bright enough for anyone?)

I am more confused why not all notifications are shown on the turned off screen. Does this work for everyone else?

I am not using the AoD, but I have noticed that notifications on the lock screen seem to be somewhat inconsistent. For example, I may leave an event alarm, text, missed call, or voicemail notification there just as an extra reminder. Especially then, new notifications about almost anything else seem to show up ‘underneath’ the first ones, in other words, not at all.
I haven’t done any deliberate testing around this, but it has felt a little messier than my previous phone.

I finally found the problem: Unless you explicitly configure a notification to override “do not disturb” it apparently won’t show up on the AOD. With “override do not disturb” I can also finally see message previews again. :roll_eyes:
Unfortunately that configuration will also make it play a sound even though the phone is on do not disturb. Weird behavior. My FP3 did not do this…