Always on Display (AoD) Customization is missing

How can I increase the brightness of the Always on Display?

Hi Fairphone team,

I’m missing any customization options for the Always on Display. IS their any possibility to adjust the style (notificatoins, clock, battery info, etc.)?

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It’s not called Always on in the settings, so you may have missed it.

Try going to Settings > Display > Lock screen

Toggle ‘Always show time and info’ to enable Always on Display.

Above this there is an option ‘Double-line clock’ which if allows you to change how the clock is displayed on the AoD

Be warned though, enabled AoD seems to significantly increase battery usage


Just pointing out: This here is a user forum. Fairphone staff might occasionally read messages and jump in, but if you want to ask them a question directly, you should contactsupport.


Hi Chris, thanks for the reply,

I saw the ‘Always show time and info’ and also did enable the mode, that was not the problem.
I’m just missing other customization options for thie mode which I knew from other Android version like:

  • AoD brigthness
  • selection of information to display (e.g. battery, calendar, etc.)

best regards

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Same here. Would be nice if the battery percentage was linked to the date/time/notifications island. Now it’s statically displayed at the bottom. Also having weather updates in the AoD would be cool. I already contacted support about this. Best if you do as well, then it gets on Fairphone’s radar.

So far the battery isn’t that great with or without AoD in my experience. I expect battery optimization still needs to do its magic. My previous phone with an AoD consumed about 1% per hour. Which is not much, especially since the AoD is off when it’s in your pocket. So it’s only on when it’s on e.g. your desk. For me that means just a few hours per day and thus a few percent of battery drain. But maybe the FP5 is different of course.

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Ah, ok, wasn’t clear that you wanted additional options that aren’t currently there.

I would recommend reaching out directly to Fairphone - the more people that request features the more likely it will be that they implement them.


There’s currently no customisation options for this.

As this is a user forum I would suggest contacting Fairphone and adding your voice to request this feature. You can ask Fairphone for this feature directly using the details listed here contactsupport.

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I merged the 2 topics about AoD customization


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