Non-google alternative for bedtime mode?

I’m looking for an app that allows me to put on do-not-disturb mode and have it automatically turn off at a time the next day (ideally when my alarm goes off). I’m looking for something that’s not a google app. I tried to look in the f-droid store but found nothing quickly. What do you non-google folks use?

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Settings - Sound - Advanced - Do not disturb - Schedules
(on /e/OS Android 10, schedule settings include an “Alarm can override end time” toggle to end the schedule when an alarm rings)


Same on FPOS Android 10 so most likely a standard Android function ,unless they removed it on higher Versions


I use Tasker to enable Do Not Disturb at night, and to switch the display to black and white at the same time, but only when I’m connected to the WiFi at my home, so that when I’m actually away from home at night, the calls and messages still go through.

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