No Wifi on/off button in quick settings on Android 12

There only is an Internet button in the “quick” setting menu, what merges W-LAN and mobile network together, so that you need longer and more steps than before to toggle W-LAN on or off. There is no option to change that in the settings of the quick settings menu.

I searched online and found a blog post about this. So I used web ADB and the two small codes like they mentioned, but it didn’t work for me. They did write that it was only tested on a pixel smartphone. So maybe there is no possible solution for this right now?

Here is the link to the blog post. Maybe it works for you?


Android 12's new Internet tile makes it more cumbersome to toggle WiFi, but Google explains why they added it.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) October 26, 2021

To switch off your Wi-Fi on an Android 12 device, tapping the internet quick settings tile will bring you to another menu where you can toggle your mobile data, your Wi-Fi, or select another Wi-Fi network. If I’m honest, I personally do prefer this change over what it once was, but I can understand the frustration thanks to the introduction of an extra button tap. From my own experience, I feel that it makes sense for Wi-Fi and mobile data to be under the same umbrella.



That command does work, I only needed part if it …

settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles "wifi,cell,$(settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles)"

… is enough for those tiles to show up:

You need to open the edit menu :pencil2: and actually add them to your quicksettings though.

Edit: Ah, nope, they don’t stay in the QS if you move them there :thinking:
Adding the first command doesn’t help, they just vanish.

And if you use the command to specifically put wifi among those 6 default QS tiles, all you get is an empty space:

Well, there’s still something missing to get this to stick …


Yeah, I also stumbled over googles statement. But I am not one of that majority mentioned in the studies. Also, a majority isn’t always “right” and we don’t even know how these user studies were made and so on. I mean, it’s Googles choice and that’s ok, but it’s also my choice not wanting it and trying to change it. That’s what I thought makes Android better than iOS. My Wi-Fi connection works very well, but I only need it at home. So why keep Wi-Fi running while not using it?
For me, it’s more a battery-life saving issue and also not wanting to use W-LAN all the time for no reason. So that statement doesn’t really help anyway. But thank you for mentioning nevertheless.

I just don’t understand, why it’s not optional directly in the quick settings menu. Cant be that hard to implement it both, because there are already buttons to turn on/off Wi-Fi and cellular, as you can see in the comment above and on the site I mentioned. As it is, it’s just a bad design choice. It seems like, in Android 13 they changed it back?


I’m not sure they changed it back, that statement really makes it sound like it’s staying that way, and I haven’t found any information about them backtracking.

The functionality is definitely still in AOSP, I have working Wi-Fi / data quick setting tiles in Android 13 right now, so maybe Fairphone could just reenable them :thinking:
But like with all the other missing functionality, I wouldn’t expect that to get fixed any time soon, if at all. They still have their hands full rolling out A12 to all providers, I don’t think we’ll see feature requests implemented before A13 drops.


I’ve tried to achieve the same using SystemUI tuner, but the results are the same - no icons on QS menu… :frowning:

I turn it off sometimes for battery reasons but have warmed to the new design after initial frustration, it’s one more click,

I didn’t know you could use that panel to click the mobile connection to stop WiFi autoconnection, that could be useful in those circumstance so thanks for sharing


Same here. Works in the first place but “Internet” appears again while “mobile data” and “wifi” dissapear.

Hello fellow FP users!

My wife owns a FP4 which runs on stock OS latest update.
Annoingly the wifi and mobile data quick setting tiles are removed since the update.
I tried to reconfigure them through ADB, however that did not work. The tiles appeared in the editing overview but did not appear in the quick settings when dragged to the top. After a short time they disappeared again from the editing overview.

Did some else notice this behaviour or has a working solution for this problem?

ADB commands:
adb shell ‘settings put global settings_provider_model false’
adb shell ‘settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles “wifi,cell,$(settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles)”’

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