No way to turn off vibrations since Android 6 update

Since the Android 6 update I no longer seem to be able to turn off vibrations globally. This has evidently been an issue for years (Google Product Forums) and I seem to find no solution. I use a smartwatch for notifications and so I don’t want to turn the phone to Do Not Disturb, I just want it to be completely silent and still, just like I could with the previous Android version. Anyone have a solution for this?


Would be interssting to know. I use a pebble and my FAIRPHONE should also be silent all the time. For now I am still con 5.1, cause I use FP open.

I don’t have Android 6 yet (I’m on FP Open), so I can’t tell you if there is a hidden setting somewhere, but I have an unconventional workaround for you if you never want vibration: Go to the #market and look/ask for a bottom module with a defect vibration mechanism.


You could install Xposed + Gravity Box in order to set global notifications behavior (vibration included)


Hopefully that will work with Android 6

It works, I use it daily :stuck_out_tongue:


I use Sound Manager (F-Droid: com.roozen.soundmanagerv2) for these settings. Works nice, on Android 5.1 as well as on Android 6, and does not need a rooted device.


Notification control only works with the paid version, I think. Can you verify this?


Beautiful! It feels slightly shady to install untrusted apps, but it did just what I needed. Hopefully it won’t do anything else. :wink: Thank you!


If you installed it from F-Droid and it doesn’t have any anti-features, you can be sure it doesn’t include malware, spyware or adware. :thumbsup:


I’m on 5.1 yet (FP Open), but you saved me quite an annoyance!

I’ve been progressively escaping from the bad influence of mobile technology — which desestabilises and steals our attention at any moment, and tricks our minds — and disabling vibration globally, obviously, is one of the first things I do. Thank you!

P.S.: I don’t reject technology (I’m a developer myself!), but I’m critical with it. It has transformed our societies, our social behaviour, and our minds. We need to be aware, at least.

“We are loners constantly in touch”, Zygmunt Bauman


Hi @Roboe,
Out of curiosity, what exactly does Sound Manager offer for Android 5.1 that you couldn’t do with the silence mode? If I don’t want to be disturbed, neither by the ringtone nor by the vibrations, I use the silent mode on FP open 5.1.
As I understand this topic, the idea is to use an app because Android 6 doesn’t allow you to use the silent mode like on 5.1. What do I overlook?

I put that into words badly. I mean I will use that once Android 6 comes to FP Open.
Right now, on 5.1, I use the Priority mode permanently and configure it to just sound and vibrate on calls and alarms. As far as I understood, this is not possible on Marshmallow, so I wanted to thank @Amber for the headaches he solved in advance for me.


Ok, I understand now!

I’m sorry but I already have the paid version so I can’t verify this :slight_smile:

Did you try the app Llama? This is a quite cool app, where you can set the noise profile based on location (cells) and time. I use that with Android 6 and it really makes the phone completely quiet, if you select an appropriate profile.

Unfortunately Llama does not seem to be developed any further, it is really cool. And not being open source there is no way to develop it any further. I would shell out real money to have it freef, as it is the best automation app that I know.

I have the same issue (wanting to disable vibration in notifications) but I cannot find the app mentioned (Sound Manager) in F-Droid. Can someone send the link?
Thank you!

Did you try enabling the F-Droid Archive repository?
Bye! :slight_smile:

I can hardly believe this. So there is really not very much control about the vibrations if you have a regular not open FP. I switched from iOS to be able to use a fairphone. random reboots, lousy speech-to-text, even this forum very clumsy to handle on a fairphone. My growing disappointment will probably overwhelm my idealism. Is there analternative to browse this forum for hours to find solutions (or none), Extra apps and workarounds for all the problems and some convenience question mark