No talk or music sound from external speaker

Since yesterday or the day before there comes no sound from the external speaker while playing music or talking on the phine. Headet works. Alarm and ringtone works…
Tried erasing cache and rebooting multiple times.
Recently installed facebooks pagemanager but uninstalled it and still no sound. Dont know if it has to do with that one.
Os 1.4.2
Please help if you can…

Fixed. I have no idea how. Suddenly it just worked.

Argh… Still the headsethole doesnt work… Only with headset but not with extra speakers… What to do?

I have a similar problem, which appeared a couple of days ago: external speaker is mute (no music, no ringtone, no alarm), but earphone jack and internal speaker works fine. Solutions?

hey, did you get it working again? i have the same problem…

I uninstalled facebooks page manager and waited a few days. Now it works as
it should. I think it might have been water in the system.

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