No sound for other side when calling

When I make a call or receive a call on my fp3 Fairphone, since 1 week or so, the other side cannot hear my voice or only very weak.

Does anyone recognize this and knows how to solve this? It is way quite frustrating on the phone.

You can test the hardware by “calling” (in your telephone app) the code * # * # 6 6 # * # *
(This is only available in Fairphone OS, not in custom ROMs like /e/OS, LineageOS etc. For these, you might want o install the “(Fairphone) Checkup” app that you can find on F-Droid.)

This will display a wide range of tests. You should check the microphone(s) of your FP3.

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Can the other side hear you, if you turn on the loudspeaker?

Yes indeed with loudspeaker on the other side can hear me clearly, but with the regular phone my voice can only be very weakly heard, hardly understandable

I guess the hole of the bottom microphone is either full of dirt or the module is broken. The microphone is in the bottom module.

You could disassamble the module and clean the hole of the phone casing from inside. Maybe there is an angel next to you?
Search for Fairphone 3 on to get a howto.