No sound at all on Fairphone 3+

Hi There,

I got my FP3+ on Wednesday and was setting it up for my use. In the beginning I remember - the sounds were working, for example when I started the phone it came up with an welcome sound. Then in the following process, getting installed /e/ and some apps I did not pay too much attention on the sound-behavior of the phone.

But then I realized, that there are no more sounds coming at all from the phone. Not from the ringtones, not from played mp3, the camera app says, that the camera is not ready the sound recording tool crashes. All that happens with and without headphones. Connecting a loudspeaker via Bluetooth makes sounds available.

Anyone experiencing the same issues or has an idea how to get the problem solved?

I also wrote an e-mail to the support on Thursday.

Thanks in advance!

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/e/ does not yet support the FP3+, i.e the new cameras and the new speaker modules. So no suprise.You’ll have to wait for end of october for /e/.
You might want to have a look at the Roadmap for Android 10 /e/OS for FP3 and FP3+


OK, thanks will put the phone in the box again, till that comes out.

I’m assuming you wrote to Fairphone, not /e/.
Be aware that Fairphone doesn’t support your phone with /e/ installed, so for Fairphone support to do anything for you, you would have to install Fairphone OS again first.

For /e/ support you would have to turn to /e/.


I don’t get this. Why do they have a “partnership” then anyway when it literally doesn’t make any difference to other custrom ROMs?

Last time I checked there were no preinstalled FP3s in the LineageOS shop while you can buy from /e/, and there was no explicit mention on Fairphone support pages that an unofficial LineageOS is available while they explicitly mention the /e/ “developer version”, and they actively promoted /e/ in the blog and probably other channels.

Not any difference, literally :roll_eyes:.
There might even be more non-obvious stuff between Fairphone and /e/ development departments.


Good point. So many “strategic partnerships” are just marketing blathering. In our particular case, /e/ is still beta software according to their own General FAQs

– and I have never seen beta software officially supported by a third party.

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