No SMS tone on FP3+ after Android 13 update [MESSAGES app]

After the Android 13 update on my Fairphone 3+, when I receive an SMS text message, the phone vibrates and I get a pop-up, but there is no tone, despite the [Ring and notification volume] set to maximum.
When I check the [Sound and vibration] settings, there is no option to choose an [SMS ringtone], as there was prior to the upgrade.
Any ideas how this can be fixed?

Check “notification settings” under the app settings of your sms app (Something like: Settings → Apps → SMS app or whatever name it has → Notifications). You should find there a way to change the tone of that app notifications.

I’m using QKSMS app for SMS:

Hope it helps.


Thanks Mixigodo. I have got it working again. Seems the tone I was using before the upgrade was substituted with some random number. Anyways all OK now thanks.