No SIM card recognition

Hi all,

As I only find very old posts (re: FP1) about this topic, here my questions:

  1. Has anybody had this that suddenly the FP2 does no more recognise the SIM Card, neither in slot 1 nor 2 (also with a new SIM card)

  2. Can you fix by yourself?

Thanks for input! Cheers, Urs

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Hi, I’m having a similar problem. It adds to the random reboots, at the moment I am very disappointed with my experience with Fairphone.
Recognize the Sim, but I have no signal, I can not make or receive calls. I have put my Sim on another phone, because I can not use my Fairphone.
If someone can help us, thanks in advance.

Thanks, Carmen! Obviously it is not a bug that happens to often. Also on the different FP groups on Facebook I do not find any hints.

Probably I will have to send it in, fortunately I still have warranty with my provider I bought the FP2 in summer 2016.

There are some hints in these old topics … could you try?

Are your SIM cards in the original format or did you perhaps cut them out yourself to a smaller form factor?

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They are original cards provided by Swisscom directly in their shop!

By the way: what have been your search terms to get those posts? Thanks for a hint. :wink:

But honestly, there is no useful help in those three posts - they all end up with sending the phone back… (And of course I already tried to make a complete new installation of the FPopenOS etc.)

Be the end result as it may … “useful” can only be determined by trying … I take at least the following hints from these three topics … other readers might find them useful …

  • Turning the phone completely off and on again might help.
  • How old is the SIM? Does it still work in another phone?
  • Are pins of the SIM slot bent or broken?
  • Did this behaviour start after installing some App? (Hard to say afterwards, I know, but a hint is a hint.)
  • Using adapters for the several SIM card form factors does not always work reliable.
  • Wipe cache.
  • Factory reset.
  • Hard reset.

And … sending the phone back is indeed a solution if it somehow results in a working phone in the end … #contactsupport .

This should take care of the software side.
If everything looks ok on the hardware side, that leaves #contactsupport in my view.

In my case, I tried to turn the phone off and on, try another SIM, try my SIM on another phone and the two SIms work on 3 different phones and neither of them works on Fairphone. I requested a new SIM for the restart problems, so the SIM card is not the problem, it is certainly the mobile, but I do not know more, I tried in safe mode and factory reset and it still does not work.
I hope you’re lucky, unaegeli.
Thanks for your tips AnotherElk

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Yes I did all those steps, days ago. And I definitely do not appreciate the way being treated like a school boy in this forum…

Argh, you have a point there, I’m sorry.
My thoughts got totally jumbled somewhere between answering your case, pointing out useful hints in the old topics for other readers, too, and in the end I forgot to track back and acknowledge your new installation of the OS and differentiate the software and hardware side of things considering that, and so the post was a total mess neither doing one thing or the other.
I edited it. Please have mercy :slight_smile: .

No problems, thanks. Tried another hard reset with a complete new system - no chance to get the SIM card running --> back to the repair service - fortunately I still have warranty until July (but as it will last several weeks if not months, it’s nevertheless a pity).

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