No signal on 2G/3G (only 4G) - no calls possible

Hello there,
Since last week, I have a problem with the reception:

  • 4G internet connection works fine. (SMS too)
  • but I cannot receive or make calls. When I try to make a call, there is no waiting tone beep, just silent and it says it is calling, and after 10s the call ends. If someone tries to call me, for them I am unavailable (as if the phone was turned off)
  • When I switch “preferred network type” to 3G or 2G, first the “4G” symbol in the status bar goes away, then after 10s the signal goes to zero/not connected. On another phone, 3G and 2G get full signal with the same sim, in the same place.

What I tried:
I can reproduce the error in safe mode with a different (working) sim, with wifi, BT & GPS turned off. I tried both sim slots.
I tried cleaning the grounding contacts with the display module, with a needle, Q-tips and some benzine as described here:

and I checked the antenna connection as described here
but still the issue remains. Any Ideas?

My FP2 is running the Fairphone OS 19.11.2, and i use it in Switzerland.


TL;DR try a factory reset. LineageOS solved the problem

I had another FP2 laying around, so i switched all the parts:
Antenna, top/front camera module, rear camera and speaker modules. but still the problem remained. Now I installed LineageOS and it seems to work again! I figured if I have to wipe it I can as well try having a phone without g0gole.


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