No shipping options available

Hi, I just tried to order new spare parts but could not as there were no shipping options available. What’s up? Thanks for getting back to me.

As we are a community and not the company, I think we need a little more info, since we don’t run the shop …

  • Which parts did you try to order?
  • When you put them into your cart and hit “Check out securely”, you don’t get “DHL Express” as preselected shipping on the following page?
  • You are sure your shipping address meets Fairphone’s shipping criteria?
  • You don’t use possibly interfering add-ons in your browser such as NoScript or the likes?

Thanks for your reply. I have checked and my country is on the list so I do not know why there is no shipping. I will try and get someone at Fairphone directly.

Maybe there is a certificate error like here: Is the bugtracker down?

Then the shop shouldn’t be loaded at all by the browser at first, and we would have a topic “Is the shop down?” I guess.

The certificate used by the shop seems valid until April 12, 2019, the one used by the bugtracker was valid until December 30, 2018.


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