Is the bugtracker down?

This is my usual bookmark for the Android 7 bugtracker:

it takes me to a blank page, just with this link: Take me home

This takes me to a issue tracker setup wizzard.

If I try:

Firefox warns me there is no secure connection.

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Yes, it seems the certificate has expired.


Which doesn’t mean the site is down, it has just reached a bad configuration state by letting time pass :smiley:

@anon83519835 Can you or somebody else have a new certificate generated for the bugtracker?


This is not the first time for me this end of year that an expired certificate blocks a nice surfing experience. Since Let’s Encrypt and certbot certificates should be renewed automagically, don’t they?

Yes, letsencrypt certificates are meant to renew automatically. Their site and twitter account do not indicate a general problem at the moment.

“Unfortunately” the bugtracker is configured for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) which means that Firefox doesn’t allow to ignore this certificate error. Chrome does.


Edge allows the user to make an exception for this, too (for Windows and non-Chrome users who don’t want to install Chrome only for this :wink: ).

And as a last resort you could set your system date to December 29, 2018, before the certificate expired.


Depends on how you requested it. Many programs used in managing web servers integrate with Let’s Encrypt nowadays to allow for automated renewals, but manually requesting a single certificate using the certbot client in a console is still well possible.

I know - but why would someone actually do that? :thinking:

Still down, I can’t tell Chrome to bypass (tried windows and mac OS). Kinda annoying…

On my Windows 10 Pro the following browsers give a warning, but after another click happily offer to load the page anyway: Vivaldi (Chromium based), Edge and … Internet Explorer 11 :slight_smile: … and Opera 12.17 :smiley: .

FYI, on macOS only Opera let me continue, Safari and - as stated before - Firefox are more strict and block the connection atm.

Hi all, our IT team is working on fixing this situation.
At the moment, I don’t have an exact timeframe, however I will make sure to keep you updated as we go along.


FWIW; from what I heard it looks like the validation process ( needs to be fixed on FP’s end after which it’ll renew automagically again.

There’s an easy workaround for Firefox users: Use a private tab. (that will disable HSTS)

Like a snake biting it’s own tail:
#51 bugtracker certificate expired


Speaks for itself…

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What do you mean?
I don’t see any information in your screenshot that hasn’t already been discussed here.

Okay nevermind, I just saw your post was moved here.

Hi all, quick update just to make sure the information is not missed: the bugtracker is back up again.


It’s back down again, with an expired certificate again :wink: .


Indeed, the recertification process needs to happen again. Our IT team has been notified, and are looking into fixing the issue. Still waiting to find out if it can be fixed today.

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Managed to fix it today :raised_hands: