No ringtone in random behaviour

Hi all,
I have been using my FP3 now for a while and found the following issue:
Occasionally (and in random manner) the phone does not ring when a phonecall comes in. As I have set it to “ring and vibrate” I some times get the calls, but only when wearing the FP3 in my pocket. But mostly not.

The FP3 is in locked mode and so not used. Apps are in background. Of course there this no “do not disturb” mode and the ringtone volume is set to maximum.

What I also noticed: The call screen (when not ringing) is not the usual one - the caller name appears on top of the screen and below it there are two rectangle buttons (green/red) for accept and dismiss. “Normally” I have the whole screen showing the caller with the swipe-up function to accept or swipe-down for dismiss.

A restart solves the problem - the phone starts to ring and vibrate then again as usual.

But as this occurs without any explainable reason it is akward because I do miss calls.
Update: Yesterday I experienced, that ending the “do not disturb”-mode does NOT activate the ringtone again… the phone just vibrates although all volumes are maximum.

Any idea where that error comes from?

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